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  • Welcome to B&B HOTELS in France Hotel B&B
  • 05/07/202006/07/2020
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Welcome to B&B HOTELS in France, 292 hotels

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Whether for a short stay of a few days, or a full week of holidays, you will find a B&B hotel at your favorite destination. Whether you want to enjoy the sea in Marseille, the "Wine City" in Bordeaux or discover the beautiful city of Paris, you will find the ideal room in one of our cheap and comfortable B&B hotels.

A hotel B&B wherever you are

Do you want to rent a hotel room in Lyon or Toulouse? There is obviously a comfortable hotel waiting for you. Whether you are travelling to the north, south, east or west of France, including Europe, consult our map and find the hotel closest to the destination of your choice.

B&B hotels chain offers comfortable and modern “Ecochics” hotels at great prices. For those of you who have always wanted to visit the French capital city, several B&B Hotels are conveniently located in Paris and its region, allowing you to live a great adventure without spending too much! Whether you’re more interested in the culture, the cuisine and history of Paris, or looking for a completely different and exciting experience in the French capital nightlife, B&B has several locations for your overnight stay, your weekend, or a longer stay. You may want to visit Disneyland, the unique Disney amusement park in Europe, but need to keep your accommodation affordable for you and and your family to fully enjoy the trip. Book a room in our B&B Hotel Disneyland® Paris for exciting holidays that will put sparkles in everyone’s eyes. With its comfortable rooms with wi-fi, charge your batteries for the day with our delicious breakfast, and enjoy dinner in our B&B Hotel Disneyland® Paris hotel restaurant so you don’t have to look for a place to eat at night.

If you are more tempted by a country vacation, there are B&B hotels throughout the whole country. You can go to the Midi-Pyrénées to get close to nature, the French Riviera and its classy beaches, Upper Normandy and spend a night at the casino in Deauville, or anywhere in the heart of France to enjoy authentic French culture and cuisine. You will build amazing personal memories and capture them with photos in any season. Anywhere you will go, our experienced B&B hoteliers will guarantee you excellent service, so book hotel room today!

Close to an airport or train station, B&B hotel awaits you to offer you the best rates and many services. Whatever type of room you want, simple or family, during the day or in the evening, book it in the hotel of your choice, from our large selection, and in just a few clicks. [Rooms can accommodate up to 4 people, so there are affordable choices to suit any group or budget while in a nice and modern atmosphere.

Close to an airport or train station, B&B hotel awaits you to offer you the best rates and many services. Whatever type of room you want, simple or family, during the day or in the evening, book it in the hotel of your choice, from our large selection, and in just a few clicks.

When you arrive, all you have to do is go to the reception desk of the establishment in which you booked your stay and use the credit card that was used to make the reservation. Access is possible 24 hours a day, in order to take a room or confirm a rental. Enjoy the calm of your hotel and its many services, such as a hearty and balanced breakfast. Some of our establishments have special offers and services: RMC Sport, bar, restaurant solution or Chromecast to enrich your experience.

When you make your request, from our website or your mobile application, give the age of your children so that they can benefit from our best rates, as well as the possible presence of a person with reduced mobility for an adapted room.

Even for last minute departures, you can find a B&B hotel with quality rooms, for one or more nights.

Additional Services at B&B Hotels

Our Refund & Invited guarantee is the guarantee of a successful stay in our french B&B Hotels. If you anticipate any travel problems, a room reservation cancellation can be made before 7 p.m. on the day of your arrival. In the event of a problem that we could not solve, you would not pay your bill. You also have access to an unlimited and quality Wi-Fi connection, as well as a flat screen TV with many international channels.

Our rooms are all very comfortable, with quality bedding selected by a French specialist that is regularly changed, and a private bathroom with a shower. Cleaning is detailed and dual beds are available. In all the major cities of France and surrounding areas, you will certainly find one or more ideally located B&B hotels offering the same services.

[For a new experience, try visiting a B&B hotel in Basse-Normandie on the shores of the English Channel. Explore the long beaches and stunning cliffs for a dose of nature. Or visit the World War II memorial sites to immerse yourself in history. This area is great for children and adults, with gourmet restaurants and castles to visit. For an affordable stay in France, there's no better place than B&B hotels!

You can also visit the B&B in the heart of Nantes, making it a fantastic location to explore the city. In town for a football match? There’s another B&B location right next to the stadiums! If you’re just looking for an affordable spot close to the airport, we’ve got you covered there too.

With hotels in every region, you can explore the whole country while staying in comfortable B&B hotels. So don't hesitate any longer! Choose your next destination and book a comfortable B&B Hotels room on our website !

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