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  • Annecy
  • 29 Feb. 202401 Mar. 2024
    29 Feb.01 Mar.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Annecy, 1 hotel

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Annecy?  With B&B Hotels, choose the room that best fits your needs and enjoy a comfortable stay at a low rate!

Affordable hotel in Annecy

When you stay in a B&B hotel in Annecy, you are choosing to enjoy the following services:

  • Free, unlimited  Wi-Fi to stay connected during your stay in Annecy.
  • Friendly staff who are happy to help when you arrive and throughout your entire stay.
  • An all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with all your favourite brands, to build up your strength and start your day right after a good night’s sleep.
  • No need to waste time looking for a place to park: our hotel has a secure parking lot where you can leave your car for a fee of only three euros. 
  • Our hotel accepts pets! Dogs and cats are allowed in rooms at B&B hotels, for an additional fee of only a few euros.

When you choose a B&B hotel, you are choosing to have maximum comfort while keeping to your budget:

  • We offer a variety of rooms to best fit your needs! We have different types of rooms: 1-person rooms, 2-person rooms and even 4-person family rooms.
  • Sleep on a high-quality Bultex mattress and have a pleasant, restful night.
  • The rooms and common areas in the hotel are air conditioned.
  • Enjoy the flat-screen television, on which you can watch numerous channels (including major sports and children’s channels).
  • Sleep peacefully thanks to our system of soundproofing.

Our best hotel in Annecy

For your hotel in Annecy, book a room at the B&B hotel in Annecy.

Feel like visiting the city? Our hotel is only 15 minutes from  the Annecy-Meythet airport,   Lake Annecy and Annecy-le-Vieux , making it highly practical for exploring the area. 
Located near the  A43 and A41 motorways, this 2-star hotel is very easy to get to. For a weekend getaway with your family or friends or for a business trip, you will appreciate the location of our least expensive hotel in Annecy.

A holiday to discover Annecy

Inhabited since 3000 B.C., the area of Annecy-le-Vieux was developed in the Middle Ages, on both banks of the Thiou river. It was in 1107 that sources first mentioned Annecy-le-Neuf. In the 15th century, Annecy became the capital of an appanage of the Maison de Savoie, before becoming the episcopal seat in 1535. Its proximity to Geneva made Annecy a  stronghold of the Counter-Reformation. In the 19th century the city became a major industrial centre and dozens of factories were built here.

Annecy is located in an exceptional setting, offering the possibility to enjoy numerous athletic activities both in the winter and the summer: Lake Annecy is a must-see. There are more than 40 kilometres of footpaths and cycle paths. You can also partake in a variety of nautical activities : with diving, water skiing, boating and windsurfing, there is something for everyone  
The city also has numerous green spaces—you can stroll through the Jardins de l'Europe, the Parc de l'Impérial or the Parc Charles Bosson.

The Château d'Annecy, which overlooks the city, is the former residence of the counts of Geneva and the dukes of Genevois-Nemours. Its construction spanned four centuries, from the 13th to the 16th century. During your stay you can also discover the  Basilique de la Visitation, on the fringe of the Forest of Crêt du Maure, the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre (16th century), the Maison Lambert, the former episcopal palace, the Palais de l'Ile, the Manoir de Lovel and more. And of course there are the countless ancient doorways you will discover as you wander through the city.

Numerous events are organised in Annecy throughout the year: A Venetian carnival in March, the Printemps Musical, Marathon and Half-Marathon in April, the Festival International du Film d'Animation in June, Noctibules in July, the Fête du Lac in August, the Festival du Film Italien d'Annecy in September, Retour des Alpages in October, the Rencontres Internationales d'Annecy in November, and of course the traditional Foire de la St André each December.

As you can see, the city of Annecy is a lively place year round! Come join the celebrations and enjoy this exceptional environment for a few days by booking a room in our hotel in Annecy!