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  • Setúbal Hotel B&B
  • 10/05/202111/05/2021
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Setúbal, 1 hotel

Discover the city of Setúbal 

Setúbal, a port city, is an industrial city that has a beautiful old town, a large fortress and excellent restaurants specialising in fish and seafood dishes that are renowned throughout Portugal.

Setúbal is located at the northern end of the Sado Estuary, a waterway where many bottlenose dolphins live. The town is located in the middle of a region of great natural beauty, which includes the Tróia Peninsula with its transparent waters, the Serra da Arrábida and its hills, as well as the Azeitão vineyards.

Setúbal attracts visitors because of its beautiful beaches, historical heritage, the beauty of the surroundings and the good prices in the area. 



Setubal's beaches are without doubt its tourist magnet. It has more than ten beaches, of which Galapinhos and Portinho da Arrábida stand out. To get to the beautiful and quiet beaches of the Troia Peninsula you take the ferry from Setúbal. The trip takes about twenty minutes, the ticket costs 5 euros and is bought from a machine in the port.


What to see and do in Setúbal

On your trip to Setúbal, we suggest some plans, such as going to the Mercado do Livramento, visiting the Convent of Jesus and its museum, walking around the old town passing by the Praça de Bocage, the Rua Álvaro Castelões and the Largo da Misericórdia, visiting the Church of Santa Maria de Graça, visiting the port Doca dos Pescadores and taking a walk along the main avenue of Setúbal, called Luisa Todi, and admiring the classical buildings that are found there.

If you like the sea, you can't miss the visit to the Sado Estuary and the dolphin watching tour, or take a ferry to the Troia Peninsula and swim in its paradisiacal beaches. 

We also recommend you to take a walk through the Albarquel Urban Park that ends at Albarquel Beach, drive through the Serra da Arrábida and see the panoramic views offered by the Sao Felipe Fortress in the afternoon.

Finally, don't hesitate and enjoy Setubal's gastronomy, which specializes in fish dishes, whether roasted, grilled or cooked. The region is also famous for the wines it produces and, in terms of sweetness, the speciality is the Tortas de Azeitão. 


Very close to the capital of Lisbon

Setúbal is only 30 km from Lisbon, one of the most vibrant and charismatic cities in Europe. It is a destination for all ages, as it can be visited both as part of a cultural trip, a holiday packed with nightlife, a family holiday, a relaxed city break or even as a base for a beach holiday.


Come and visit B&B Hotel Sado Setúbal, we are waiting for you!