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Welcome to B&B HOTELS in Brazil, 7 hotels

What does Brazil have to offer?

Cradle of diversity and a rich nature, and owner of a rich cultural heritage, Brazil stands out for its receptivity and for offering an unforgettable experience to everyone who wants to know its history and what it has to offer. 

With countless sights, beaches, mountains, museums, parks, stadiums and concert venues, the country offers a wide range of tours. From North to South, from East to West, the country has several destinations for those who love contact with nature, whether by putting your foot in the sand or breathing the fresh air of a park. 

Secure your reservation at a B&B HOTELS in Brazil

Special message to you, who are looking for a hotel in Brazil, that offers everything you need. Like Brazil, B&B HOTELS never tires of positively surprising. 

If in Brazil, you find perfect destinations for lovers of cold and heat, for those who love beaches, Chapadas, peaks or parks, at B&B HOTELS you will lose the image you have of a common budget hotel: with excellent evaluations in terms of service and service provided, the French hotel chain is pet friendly, has an innovative and modern design, has Smart TV and much more! You will wonder how you have never stayed in a B&B HOTELS.

How about coming to know one of the hotels of the B&B HOTELS chain in Brazil? 

Maybe going to Rio de Janeiro, the famous Wonderful City, and staying at our B&B HOTEL Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte? A few meters from this hotel, there is another hotel in the B&B HOTELS chain: the B&B HOTEL Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Posto 5. There is no shortage of options in Copacabana!

Another option is our hotel in São Paulo! Close to everything and famous for being in the most connected neighborhood of the city, the B&B HOTEL São Paulo Luz is perfect for those who come for business, leisure, work or just to escape from home! A few meters from the Luz station, the hotel has a free luggage rack for those who wish to make purchases in the 25th of March and regions, and thus keep purchases safely.

Or maybe a visit to Uberlândia? Our hotel is located at Praça Tubal Vilela, one of the most famous spots in the city! You will be able to enjoy a walk in the open air, go to eat and drink without guilt in the restaurants and bars (known for being very tasty and for having a lot of variety).

Or maybe even a lodging in São José dos Campos? The city is known for having a great science and technology pole, the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), and for having parks and tourist attractions that please even the most demanding of tourists! Take advantage of the fact that the B&B HOTEL São José dos Campos received the Travelers' Choice 2020 award, given by the Tripadvisor portal, which includes only establishments and hotels that are exemplary and have the best evaluations in terms of service and service. The B&B HOTEL São José dos Campos is ranked among the top 10% hotels worldwide!

Protection and safety the DNA of B&B HOTELS

The units of the B&B HOTELS chain are following all the recommended hygiene measures. In addition, all B&B HOTELS units operating in Brazil have been approved in Bureau Veritas' audit processes and have received the Safeguard seal, which certifies that hotels are up to date with hygiene and protection standards and protocols, and are able to receive guests safely.

B&B HOTELS in Brazil: know better!

With more than 650 units distributed across Europe, the B&B HOTELS chain arrived in Brazil in 2017. It currently has units in São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Rio de Janeiro and Uberlândia. 

Of French origin, it was created in 1990 and focuses on offering modernity and effective services. In addition, the chain has a solid expansion plan, which aims to have 20 new hotels in Brazil by 2025.

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