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  • Alicante
  • 17 Jun. 202418 Jun. 2024
    17 Jun.18 Jun.
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Hotels in Alicante | B&B HOTELS, 1 hotel

Alicante is a historic, sun-drenched city on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Known by the Romans as Lucentum, the City of Light, it earns its name with gorgeous beaches and over 300 days of sun each year. Hotels in Alicante offer travellers a Mediterranean paradise with plenty to see and do.

Book a hotel in Alicante – discover the City of Light!

Once you’re here, the Barrio de Santa Cruz offers an ideal stepping-off point from your Alicante accommodation to discover the city. Called El Barrio by many, the neighbourhood boasts many historic attractions. Medieval churches offer a peaceful respite from the busy town, and include the co-cathedral of San Nicolás de Bari, a 15th century Gothic construction, and the Basilica of Santa María, Alicante’s oldest active church. The Esplanada, Alicante’s palm-lined seafront promenade, is just steps away from the historic centre.

Art and culture in Alicante

Chief among Alicante’s many sights is the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, a 16th century hilltop castle where you can take in sweeping views of the city, sea and the Alicante plain. Footpaths lead up the hill to the castle, though there is also a lift for those who wish to avoid the sweaty climb.

Art lovers will have a gala time amidst Alicante’s vibrant cultural scene. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo is a particular favourite, boasting paintings by Dalí, Picasso, Miró, and other Spanish greats. At MARQ, Alicante’s archaeological museum, you can discover the lives of the region’s past inhabitants, from prehistory to modern times.

Alicante’s cheap hotels: your ticket to fun in the sun

If taking in the sun is a priority for you, make sure that your hotel in Alicante is close to one of the city’s two main beaches. The Playa de Postiguet is right next to the Esplanada and the old city, while Playa de San Juan one of the most popular beaches on the Costa Blanca, humming with activity day and night. Enjoy excursions to the numerous beach resorts all along the Costa Blanca, as well as secluded spots like Isla Tabarca.

Nightlife and festivities

With a population of fun-loving locals, students and tourists, Alicante’s nightlife is not to be missed. The bars and discos of El Barrio fill up every night, while the festive crowds fill up the beachside promenades well into the wee hours, especially during the summer.

Alicante is known for its annual festivals, including the Hogueras de San Juan (Bonfires of St John), held on Midsummer with street celebrations and pyrotechnic displays, and Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians), which celebrates the reconquest of Spain.

All in all, Alicante offers a sunny Mediterranean getaway for all kinds of travellers. Check out the cheap hotels in Alicante from B&B HOTELS, and enjoy the beaches, festivals and attractions this Costa Blanca city has to offer!