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  • Schweinfurt
  • 14 Jul. 202415 Jul. 2024
    14 Jul.15 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Schweinfurt, 2 hotels

Franconian charm in Schweinfurt

Take time to relax during your stay in Schweinfurt and enjoy all the wonderful delights that Franconia has to offer. Get to know the delectable regional cuisine in some of the town’s many inns, guesthouses and beer gardens. There’s also much to explore in the way of art and culture. A carefully drafted circular route takes you to many of the city’s most interesting corners. And right there in the middle, between the art gallery, the castle gardens and the Sparkassengalerie, you’ll find our B&B Hotel Schweinfurt-City.

B&B Hotel Schweinfurt: Between culture and history

In Schweinfurt and the surrounding area there are varied opportunities for activities and exciting excursions. Whether traveling alone or as a family, Schweinfurt, as a city in northern Bavaria, offers its guests a wide range of choices. Between extensive tours and hiking opportunities, Schweinfurt is surrounded by the Rhön, the Steigerwald and the Haßberge.

There are also plenty of cultural offerings around the city. The Naturkundliche Vogel Museum offers an exhibition with over 300 bird species in species-appropriate biotopes. Those interested in German painting will find the Goerg Schäfer Museum here, which has a unique exhibition collection of various paintings from 1760 onwards. Names such as Casper David Friedrich or Max Liebermann, the well-known Impressionists, are represented here.

Schweinfurt thus houses the largest art collection (private collection) of the 19th century throughout Germany and is ideal for solo travelers or family trips. For friends of the theater there are several contact points in the city, which round off their cultural program with the Kunsthalle Schweinfurt. Art from 1945 to modern times can be found here.

Culinary offerings in Schweinfurt

A walk through the city center reveals a variety of dining options in bistros, bars and typical Bavarian restaurants. Surrounded by the large historic buildings, the city has a charming flair, which is best admired after a hearty meal. Here the food on offer has a Franconian touch, which means that dumplings, roasts and sauerkraut are often found on the menu.

Schweinfurt is also known for its lovely wine, which is very popular with all its guests. Typical current regional specialties are the rustic Franconian wine, the classic Bavarian beer or seasonal asparagus dishes with fresh herbs. If you're staying in Schweinfurt for the first time, you shouldn't miss the Schweinfurt battle dish, a simple local dish - it has been served in this place for almost 200 years and is not only cheap, but also delicious! The ratings of Schweinfurt's cuisine are quite impressive.

Active holiday in Schweinfurt: Enjoy nature and the environment

In Schweinfurt and the surrounding area there are many family-friendly hiking trails, numerous leisurely circular tours and cycle routes. The Steigerwald Nature Park was designated a nature reserve by the Bavarian State Ministry for Regional Development with an area of 1280 km². Characterized by wine-growing areas, deciduous and coniferous forests, there are wonderful opportunities for relaxation and hiking, which are also ideal for children of all ages.

With over 1000 kilometers of cycle paths, the city can hardly be crossed in a weekend, so there is more than enough choice for nature and cyclists. The large city in Bavaria offers enviable panoramic views over the country on easy climbs, while one can examine the sun-drenched vineyard landscape.

If you are interested, you can book current tours by bike or nature tours and let a guide lead you through nature and the city.

If you prefer to go on a discovery tour alone, you will find over 450 different animals and over 40 different animal species in the wildlife park in Schweinfurt. This is a leisurely trip, especially with children, as the wildlife park also has a petting zoo.

In the vicinity of the Schweinfurt climbing forest and in the immediate vicinity of the Main you will find one of our affordable accommodations, B&B Hotel Schweinfurt-Süd. In this accommodation you will find free parking spaces but also easy connection options if you should arrive by public transport. In our premises you will find a bathroom with shower, toilet, hair dryer and sink. You also have access to Sky TV and free high-speed Wi-Fi (we also welcome your pets). Our friendly reception is open for you from 06:00 to 22:00. (Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00).

Overnight stay in Schweinfurt: Plan and enjoy city breaks

If you want to immerse yourself in downtown Schweinfurt, you will find a relaxed atmosphere with many delicious specialties on every corner. Various boutiques invite you to go on a shopping spree and the museums that you will encounter on your way through the city are of international interest to this day.

You will find e-bikes and bicycle lockers distributed throughout the city, which can make trips to mini golf courses or the bathing lakes easier for you.

The centrally located B&B Hotel Schweinfurt-City is recommended for business travelers, those traveling alone or family trips. Here you have only a few minutes' walk to the center of the city and easy connections to your excursion - or wellness destination. Your pets are also very welcome in our accommodation and we have available parking spaces right in front of our hotel. Our facilities include a modern bathroom with shower and toilet (+ hair dryer).

You will also receive free high-speed Internet access including Sky TV, simply register at reception. Take a look at our reviews - we look forward to your visit.

Sights in Schweinfurt