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  • Katowice
  • 15 Jun. 202416 Jun. 2024
    15 Jun.16 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Katowice, 1 hotel

Get to know Katowice

It is a young town founded because of the coal industry. The Silesian dialect is characteristic for this region. In recent years it has been used mainly by the elderly, but today it is making a comeback. The pride that the younger generation takes in the city is clearly visible on the streets of fast developing Katowice. History is mixed with modernity at every turn, which is another reason to get to know this fascinating city.

City of music and industrial tourism

Many cultural events of great importance are held in Katowice: Rawa Blues Festival, the Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors, Off Festival, Tauron New Music, and Mayday. The most characteristic object of the city is Spodek, a sports and entertainment hall. A concert in Spodek is always an amazing experience, and cultural life: concerts, cinema, food trucks, blooms on Spodek’s terraces on long summer evenings.

Katowice and Upper Silesia is a treat for fans of industrial tourism. In the city itself, you can visit the Katowice Mine, the Zinc Smelter, the Porcelain Factory or the unique workers’ housing estates of Nikiszowiec or Giszowiec. Katowice can be an excellent starting point for exploring the Industrial Monuments Route, which once a year has its annual celebration, Industriada.

Comfortable accommodation in Katowice

Choose a hotel that is close to everywhere. The B&B Katowice Centrum Hotel is located at ul. Sokolska 4, near the railway station, the Market Square, the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the International Congress Centre. It is the optimal location. A walk or a short trip by public transport is enough to get to any place in the centre of Katowice.

Worth seeing


One of the largest sports and entertainment facilities in Poland. The shape resembles a UFO ship. The most important events and concerts take place here.

The seat of the NOSPR

A modern building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, which was erected on the former wood square of the Katowice mine. Next to the NOSPR there are gardens, squares with fountains and acoustic toys, a maze and an amphitheatre. The hall itself boasts European-level acoustics and an excellent, diverse repertoire.


A modern building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, which was erected on the former wood square of the KatA historic workers’ housing estate designed by Georg and Emil Zillmann. The buildings are made of raw brick and distinguish themselves by many details such as bays and entrance portals. After a walk you can take advantage of the gastronomic offer of the cosy bars and restaurants or buy souvenirs.

The Three Lakes Valley

A park and a sports and recreation complex, stretching over 86 hectares. In the summer, there are small concerts and DJ performances. This is where the summer restaurants, Sztauwajery, are laid out.

The Silesian Museum

A museum of the Silesian heritage located in the former mine. This place not only has excellent permanent and temporary exhibitions, but it is also a great place for learning, concerts, meetings. The museum allows you to look at Katowice from a completely different perspective. Also, literally, because visitors can use the viewing terrace located on a mine shaft hoist tower, at a height of 40 metres.

Ulica Mariacka

Aka St Mary’s Street, aka the party centre of Katowice. A street that lives around the clock: full of restaurants, bars and cafés.

It is also interesting outside the city!

A stay in Katowice is a great opportunity to see the biggest attractions of the whole region. Especially since it is close everywhere! An entrance to the huge Silesian Park is less than 5 km from our hotel. It has a zoo, an amusement park and a planetarium. You can even explore it using the cable car! You can also go and see the underground suspended electric rail in the Guido mine in Zabrze. It is the only such mining train in the world that is available for tourists.