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  • Bremen
  • 12 Jun. 202413 Jun. 2024
    12 Jun.13 Jun.
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Bremen, 3 hotels

Maritime. International. Bremen.

Stay at our affordable B&B Hotels in Bremen and be transported by the maritime flair of this wonderful city. Famous for the fairy-tale, ‘The Town Musicians of Bremen’, this Hanseatic city has much to offer visitors. Take a relaxing stroll along the Weser promenade, explore the city’s oldest and most interesting district, the Schnoor, and marvel at the impressive size of the city’s symbol of freedom, the Bremer Roland statue.

B&B Hotel Bremen – An innovative Hanseatic city

The traditional Hanseatic city of Bremen presents itself only as a driving metropolis in north-west Germany, but is also its own federal state with the municipality of Bremerhaven.

With 2.7 million inhabitants, the city is full of remarkable buildings. Exhibitions, conferences and congresses take place here every day, making the city a center for international meetings. Today, Bremen is not only known as a German Hanseatic city with its fascinating Bremen ports, but the maritime flair is also increasingly driving national research. The commercial metropolis and its history combine culture, old town and innovation like no other port city.

Experience the Hanseatic lifestyle up close

Even today, the city still bears witness to the historic merchants' houses and, starting from the center, there are cosy, winding streets on every corner that invite you to eat and drink. Between the Hanseatic lifestyle and the modern, guests from all over the world come here and enjoy the city's attractions.

As a guest, you also have the option of purchasing online tickets for sightseeing tours on the Bremen City website.

In order to enjoy Bremen to the fullest, you have the option of checking into the perfectly central location of our B&B Hotel Bremen-City. From here you have ideal connections to the main train station, heading towards Bremerhaven or to the beautiful Weser. Our reviews show that we attach great importance to making your stay as pleasant as possible. We also offer you the option of booking breakfast and have free high-speed WiFi, air-conditioned rooms and Sky TV in our room facilities.

Overnight stay in Bremen: UNESCO World Heritage Site and Bremen Town Musicians

A visit to the city means experiencing a piece of German history. Here is the hour of birth of one of the greatest fairy tales that entered German culture as the Bremen Town Musicians, written by the Brothers Grimm.

The city's cultural heritage is enhanced by the town hall, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004, and the statue of Roland. The oldest wine cellar in Germany is below this town hall. With more than 600 grape varieties, it not only has the most extensive collection, it also contains the oldest German cask wine to date. The 17th century rosé wine is probably priceless.

Bremen has several interesting buildings, including the Congress Centrum Bremen, which is one of the most important exhibition halls in the city. Business travelers in particular meet here for business appointments in the Hansesaal.

With this unique legacy of history, Bremen is also surrounded by numerous restaurants, bistros and culinary maritime delicacies and is therefore a small pearl of the north. Surrounded by timber-framed houses and narrow streets, the city invites its guests, whether business travelers, families or weekend travelers, to stroll and enjoy.

City breaks in Bremen – historic shopping streets, nightlife and culture

Colourful, exciting and lively - this is how you could describe Bremen in a few words and yet there is much more to real life in Bremen. The city has managed to develop into a metropolis and still retain its charm - even the people of Bremen affectionately describe their city as "Our small town, with a tram".

The beautiful boutiques, diverse fashion houses, the fascinating Katharinen-Passage surrounded by historic buildings make Bremen an ideal city trip with a range of events. Because where people gather to stroll and stroll during the day, the people of Bremen meet in the evening to visit the culinary variety, the lively bars and clubs, to enjoy Bremen's nightlife. The people of Bremen are like all North Germans: Open, honest, direct and fun for everyone.

The evenings in Bremen can be ended wonderfully with a walk near the river Weser while you taste the delicacies of northern Germany. Because here, too, the proximity to the sea is reflected in the variety of food. Between countless bars and pubs there are restaurants in different price ranges, which round off short breaks in Bremen or wellness holidays perfectly.

If you want, you can buy a Bremen ticket at various information points or online. This includes various discounts and reduced ticket prices for bus and train.

Hello Hanseatic city - A trip to the Weser

The Bremen quarters and the culture mile are surrounded by street art, public events and exhibitions. The Kunsthalle is located right next to the Bremen Theater and invites guests with history and drama. Interestingly, the Kunsthalle carries works from 600 years of art history. The ratings of visitors to this art gallery speak for themselves.

However, a trip to Bremen can be anything: Culinary in the splendor of hearty Bremen cuisine or a tour of the Weser promenade, the so-called Schlachte. Every day visitors let their eyes wander and invite travelers to beer, cocktails and wine. Those who come in summer will find countless beer gardens in the open air, right on the river.

Our centrally located B&B Hotel Bremen-Überseestadt,which is located directly on the Weser, offers the perfect start for such an excursion, whether for business or pleasure. In our accommodation you will find, among other things, free high-speed WiFi and free Sky TV including flat screen.

Depending on availability, you will also find parking spaces in front of our accommodations in Bremen. You are welcome to find out from us before your arrival (if you are arriving by car) whether free parking spaces are currently available.