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  • Berlin
  • 08/12/202309/12/2023
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Berlin, 10 hotels

Berlin - a blend of modern and historic.

Stay in one of our affordable B&B HOTELS in Berlin and discover the exciting, multi-faceted capital city. Whether you’re visiting Alexanderplatz square, the Brandenburg Gate, Siegessäule (Victory Column) or Ku’Damm shopping avenue: Berlin is always a city worth visiting with endless things to discover. Once divided, then united, Berlin not only has a lot to offer in terms of its fascinating history but also an impressive food scene – there are around 6,500 restaurants and pubs to choose from. Berlin will inspire you!

Spend the night in the heart of Europe

The city of Berlin is one of the most impressive cities in Germany. It is also one of the most visited cities in Europe and has a population of around three million people.

In addition to the historical sights, there are many cafés, bars and restaurants in Berlin where you can spend relaxing evenings. There are plenty of cultural venues to visit - you’ll find numerous museums, galleries and theatres in Berlin. Numerous events take place almost every day and bring the city to life around the clock. There is also a lot to see for art lovers.

From modern to historic - Berlin is a diverse city

The city is a lively mixture of history and innovation, where you can experience the best of both worlds in just a few hours. For example, there is the so-called Yorck Kinogruppe in Berlin, which was named “European Cinema Operator of the Year”. The Yorck cinemas are distributed throughout the city (fourteen indoor plus one open-air cinema) and to this day they have proven to be independent and exceptional film venues.

The districts of Berlin are constantly changing thanks to the diverse population and global influences, which gives the districts a special charm. Are you travelling to Berlin by plane? Our B&B HOTEL at Berlin Airport welcomes you as your accommodation.

Historical world history - explore Berlin culture

The Brandenburg Gate is a popular destination for tourists and is an important part of Berlin's history. The Brandenburg Gate, named after Friedrich Wilhelm II, former King of Prussia, was built as a symbol of freedom and peace. Today the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the fall of the Iron Curtain that separated Berlin, but also the unification of Germany after 1989. Not far from the Brandenburg Gate is the Victory Column and the Berlin Zoological Garden as well as our B&B HOTEL Berlin Tiergarten. The zoo always attracts visitors of all ages - it is still the oldest zoo in Germany and a popular tourist destination for a short Berlin vacation.

Hotel am Alexanderplatz - in the midst of Berlin's landmarks

The television tower in Berlin is a landmark of the city. It is over 368 metres high and, with its glass surfaces, offers spectacular views of the entire city from a distance of up to 42 km. The television tower is located between Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstrasse. The Telecafé in the tower is one of the most popular locations in Berlin. But that is not the only reason why Alexanderplatz in Berlin is a central and extraordinary square in the capital. Surrounded by historical buildings, the square offers many interesting things to see and do, and is an international point of contact for visitors and travellers. Our B&B HOTEL Berlin at Alexanderplatz lets you explore Berlin from the historical centre and offers perfect connections to all other parts of Berlin.

Urban centre - the new heart of the city

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is one of the liveliest squares in Germany - here you will find numerous entertainment options on around 68,000 m². From shopping malls, restaurants and shops to cinemas and large cultural offerings such as museums & galleries or concert halls, everything can be found on Potsdamer Platz. Here you will find numerous futuristic new buildings and skyscrapers within walking distance from our B&B HOTEL at Potsdamer Platz Central. Here you will find yourself in the new centre of the metropolis and have direct access to underground stations, which conveniently connect the most important parts of the city.

The hottest areas of Berlin are: Wedding, Neukölln, Tegel, Schöneberg, Steglitz, Tempelhof and Charlottenburg.

The way to Potsdam - B&B HOTELS outside of Berlin

The capital of the state of Brandenburg is known for its beautiful and special castles. This is precisely why a visit to Potsdam is a must for many when you are near Berlin. The then kings of Prussia gave the city its unique flair, which can still be felt in the city today. Only a few minutes away from downtown Potsdam you’ll find our B&B HOTEL Berlin Dreilindern. You can park for free in front of our hotel (subject to availability). High-speed WiFi, air conditioning and access to Sky TV are free in all of our B&B HOTELS. A little further outside and closer to the beautiful Diedersdorfer Heide and the Großbeerener Graben, you can find our B&B HOTEL Berlin Süd-Gehnshagen. If you land at Berlin Airport, you have the option of taking a taxi or an S-Bahn connection to our hotel in Süd-Gehnshagen.

B&B HOTEL in Berlin Charlottenburg - a place of contrasts

Berlin Charlottenburg is a district in Berlin. Charlottenburg is known for its culture and historical buildings and is one of the most popular districts of Berlin for tourists. Charlottenburg was an independent city until 1920, after which it was named a district of Berlin. Today the Staddteil is known for many things, including its large shopping arcade: Kurfürstendamm. With its flair inspired by fashion, retail and gastronomy, Kurfürstendamm is the number one shopping mile in Berlin.

Experience Charlottenburg up close

There are several places of interest here, such as Charlottengrad, which shows life in Soviet times in East Germany, with old Trabant cars parked in front of houses with murals depicting scenes from communist history on the walls. Thanks to its luxury boutiques and special pre-war buildings, Berlin Charlottenburg is a district of contrasts and also offers an artistically landscaped palace garden - take some time to explore the huge baroque buildings and landscaped gardens around the palace grounds. Savignyplatz square also invites you to enjoy a cozy meal in a relaxed atmosphere with its numerous pubs, rustic restaurants, but also more modern and comfortable luxury restaurants. Our B&B HOTEL in Berlin Charlottenburg is right in the heart of Charlottenburg and just a 15-minute walk from Charlottenburg Palace and the River Spree. The journey from Berlin-Schöneberg Airport and Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Ber) to Charlottenburg takes around an hour by train and around 30 minutes by taxi.

Berlin at night - a city that never sleeps

Berlin has a vibrant nightlife and is known for its colorful bars, clubs and lounges. You’ll never be short of options on a night out! In Kreuzberg, for example, there are many cool bars, while in Prenzlauer Berg you can find nice cafés. Also the Ku'damm (at Westberliner: Ku'damm) is a well-known mile of Berlin. Nights in Berlin can be long and you can find international music playing in many venues. Whether you go to a nightclub or a restaurant, the districts of Berlin all have their own ambience. A popular place to go is the "Klunkerkranich" bar in Kreuzberg. There is a large roof terrace here, where you can enjoy the best view over the whole of Berlin! The night clubs in Berlin are diverse and entrance fees (depending on availability) are usually very affordable. You’ll see crowds of night owls roaming the streets of Berlin, especially at the weekend.

Berlin cuisine - culinary variety and international dishes

Berlin cuisine is inspired by many nationalities. Berlin restaurants feature so many different dishes from all over the world in all price ranges. The Berlin snack bar has almost become a tradition in the capital and that is why the Berlin ‘bratwurst’ sausage only tastes like the original here. The food stalls alone, which are often more than just small kitchens, offer food from diverse culinary cultures such as Turkish, Italian, Thai and Indian. This cultural and culinary diversity is available for everyone who travels to Berlin, which makes it stand out against other destinations. There is also international cuisine on Kurfürstendamm and Savignyplatz with many excellent fast-food restaurants.