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  • São Paulo
  • 18 Jul. 202419 Jul. 2024
    18 Jul.19 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel em São Paulo, 1 hotel

The city that has everything you are looking for ...

Come and visit our hotel in São Paulo, which perfectly represents the “econochic” concept (from the innovative and modern design to the facilities and resources that differentiate the B&B from a common budget hotel), and come and enjoy the charm of São Paulo and its historical city. 

... and that never (literally) never stops!

The city of São Paulo has tourist spots and perfect destinations for any type of tour. Regardless if your desire is a trip to an open-air park, a show in an arena, going to a bar at night or visiting a museum, you will find the ideal place here in São Paulo. The Brazilian version of the well-known phrase “The city that never sleeps”, São Paulo allows you to enjoy your plans 24 hours a day, on any day of the week, being the city that has everything you are looking for. Just like the B&B Hotel, which has everything and just what you need!


Have you ever thought about staying in a hotel close to everything?

Choosing the B&B Hotel São Paulo Luz - Centro, your only concern will be to enjoy everything that the city of São Paulo has to offer. 

Are you coming to São Paulo to shop?

For those who love to shop, for shoppers, for shopkeepers ... the B&B Hotel São Paulo Luz - Centro is perfect for you. The place is close to the main shopping centers in the city, such as Brás, 25 de Março, Santa Ifigênia and Bom Retiro. Prepare the bag, as these neighborhoods have diversity and great prices! But rest assured, at our B&B Hotel São Paulo Luz - Centro, we have free luggage carriers. Space, security and convenience: your purchases will be protected!


Are you coming to São Paulo for a walk?

For those who like a walk and get to know the whole city in the same trip, know that the hotel is located in the Historic Center of the City of São Paulo. In other words, the history, entertainment and culture of Brazil pass through Luz, where several museums, cultural spaces, concert halls and sports arenas are located. Among the most interesting points in the city, which have easy access to Luz and that you may want to visit, are: the State Pinacoteca, Catedral da Sé, the Municipal Market, the Cultural Center, the Portuguese Language Museum, the Catavento Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Municipal Theater, the Allianz Parque, the Canindé, the Espaço das Américas, the Sambódromo, MASP, the Football Museum and much more .. Ufa! Have you seen that there will be plenty of destinations for you to know, right? Don't forget to write down all these points in a list, to get to know them all!

Throughout the city, it is also possible to find parks for relaxing outdoor walks, such as Ibirapuera Park and Villa Lobos Park! 

If your desire is to go drinking and enjoy the night, then Vila Madalena, Vila Olímpia, Moema and Pinheiros are some of the perfect neighborhoods for you to visit.

Are you coming to São Paulo on business?

For those coming to São Paulo on business, they have already found the perfect hotel: the B&B Hotel São Paulo Luz - Centro has easy access to the main shopping centers in the city, via the North x South Corridor, and is just a few kilometers from the largest event centers of the city, such as Anhembi, Expo Center Norte, SP Expo, among others.

The B&B Hotel São Paulo Luz - Centro is the most connected hotel in São Paulo, as it is opposite the Luz station, which facilitates access to the main regions of the city in a practical, fast and inexpensive way. 


About the B&B hotel in São Paulo 

Since its foundation in February 2020, the unit has perfectly symbolized the DNA of the B&B Hotels Brasil chain and brings the option of a hotel that has everything you need to enjoy all the attractions of the central region of the largest Metropolis in Latin America . 

Next to 25 de Março, the main shopping street in Brazil, close to the main event spaces of the city and surrounded by the main tourist spots. The unit has 292 apartments and has accessibility in its DNA (it has 30 adapted rooms - PNE), in addition to having its own parking, free luggage and special structure for large groups. It was the last hotel to be opened by the B&B Hotel chain in Brazil, with a modern and innovative structure. Now, you already know: those who come to São Paulo for shopping, events, leisure or business have a modern, comfortable hotel with everything that is really necessary at a great cost-benefit.