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  • Basel
  • 17 Jul. 202418 Jul. 2024
    17 Jul.18 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Basel, 2 hotels

Whatever your reason for coming to Basel, take the time to discover one of the largest cities in western Switzerland!

For your stay in Basel, our 3-star hotel welcomes you with its all-in-one solution!

Do you travel for work? Take advantage of our B&B HOTEL Basel and its services to make your trip enjoyable.

With its 24 hours a day opening time, book your room when you need it. Our 24-hour reception allows you to experience a unique welcome dedicated to your needs. Enjoy spacious and modern rooms designed to provide you with the greatest comfort. Also at your disposal a free very high speed WiFi connection, the possibility of ordering your meal in the evening and having it delivered to your room or even a flat screen TV connected to Chromecast: what you need to make you feel like at home on the go.

Basel: a city and open spaces

To fully enjoy Basel and the Rhine, plan a stay of several days. Indeed, the city is full of museums and places to visit. Start with the “old town” or what was the nerve center of the city for centuries: the famous Rathaus Basel (town hall) which stands out from the other facades and dominates the Marktplatz (market square), a hot spot in the city. Also let yourself be drawn into the alleys that border the square and discover the small fish market and its Gothic-style fountain.

How could we miss the great Basler Münster? An imposing building partly due to its size, it is especially known for the red color of the sandstone of which it is composed and its irregular towers which stand out from other constructions of this kind which are much more strict.
Not far from there, the babbling of the Rhine can be heard. Take advantage of the banks to take walks along one of the largest rivers in Europe. Nautical activities are also offered to fully enjoy Basel.

Adults and children will also enjoy the Basel Zoological Park with over 7000 animals!

B&B HOTEL Basel: close to major axes

Staying in our B&B HOTEL Basel means being close to the A3 motorway and having access to the cities of Zurich and Mulhouse. It is also 500 meters from Basel train station and 15 minutes from Mulhouse-Bâle-Friborg airport and its international destinations. As you have seen, B&B HOTELS thinks of you and offers you a night spent in a setting designed for you and your mobility. All for one of the best values for money guaranteed.

Don't wait any longer and make your reservation for your room in our inexpensive, modern hotel close to the center of Basel in Switzerland.