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  • Oftringen
  • 11 Jun. 202412 Jun. 2024
    11 Jun.12 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Oftringen, 1 hotel

Whether it is to spend a holiday, to rest for an evening stopover or to honor the appointments of a business trip: welcome to Oftringen, in our inexpensive 3- star hotel !!


An ideal position on the map Switzerland : at the crossroads of major roads

From Lausanne to Zurich , from Basel to Lucerne : the canton of Aargau is the ideal place to put down your bags.

Take the time to visit the municipalities of Aarburg , Zofingen to Olten

The cantons of Aarau and those bordering them are teeming with natural corners where the unspoiled Alpine and Jura landscapes invite you to relax and explore. Make the most of your visit to our B&B HOTEL Oftringen to give you a break in the Switzerland of mountains and natural parks. Many activities await you!

From ruins to medieval houses, the canton of Aarau will share its history with you

By booking in our B&B HOTEL Oftringen , conquer the unique architecture of the roofs of the city of Aarau and admire the baroque style of the historic city of Zofingen .

After the houses, the castles: fortified buildings also punctuate the landscape of Mittelland, in particular that of the famous Habsburg family as well as the ruins of Schenkenberg castle.


Our cheap B&B HOTEL Oftringen : to offer the best service at a price (very) affordable!

Double or family rooms: if you travel with several people, very good bedding, 24h/24, secure parking, a bar, a rooftop or a small lunch of fresh products: do not hesitate a minute longer and book your room in our hotel rated 3 stars in Oftringen !