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  • Antwerp
  • 25 May 202426 May 2024
    25 May26 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Antwerp, 2 hotels

Antwerp, the largest city in Flanders and home to the stars of the Royal Antwerp FC football club, is the perfect place for a short stay of one or more nights with family, friends or as a couple. Located in the Flemish region, less than an hour's drive from Brussels, the city is known for its cultural richness and vibrant (night)life. Check out our suggestions for spending an unforgettable time in Antwerp.

A stay in Antwerp

A popular Belgian destination among people wanting to get away for a few days, Antwerp is a great option for spending a weekend at a low price. Looking for ideas of places to visit at your own pace? This Metropolis is known for its architectural riches and small picturesque streets representative of the vibe of countries to the north. The city is also brimming with Renaissance buildings and monuments allowing you to travel back in time.Take a walk around Berchem or another quiet neighborhood in the city, and you won't know which building to admire first!


Book your accommodation in Antwerp with B&B HOTELS


If you want to book a room for your nights in Antwerp and be sure to enjoy one of the best hotels available, book a room in one of our hotels in Antwerp; choose between our B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid or our 3-star B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Centrum. Our hotels are centrally located in the most dynamic areas of the city, close to shops and restaurants, and are suitable for all types of stays, whether they are business or leisure oriented.

The B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid, located in the heart of the Zuid district, has a secure car park and combines comfort, quality and budget accommodation. The 3-star B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Centrum has an excellent location in the city centre, close to the central station and a 17-minute walk from the city hall.

Enjoy a pleasant night in one of our comfortable hotels in Antwerp, which offer rooms with high quality bedding, private bathroom, TV, desk, air conditioning and free high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Enjoy our extensive breakfast menu with a selection of pastries, coffee, tea, scrambled eggs, yoghurt and other foods that will make you feel at home.


Tour Antwerp in 1 or 2 days: explore the city!

This medium-size city lends itself well for a weekend getaway or for a stay of a few days; you can easily explore all of Antwerp by foot or bike. With many pedestrian-only streets and spaces designed for walking, you are sure to find plenty of activities to occupy your days on-site. Check out our suggestions on things to do in Antwerp.

Did you know that with the Antwerp City Pass (available at visitor centers, Het Steen, and Central Station), you can access many attractions, enjoy free public transportation, and benefit from great discounts?

Visit the centre of Antwerp

This Belgian metropolis is known worldwide as the diamond capital, but it holds many other riches. For lovers of architecture, begin your city trip with a visit to Antwerp’s Central Station. A true architectural gem dating from 1905. It was designed by Clement van Bogaert and Louis Delacenserie. Located a short walk from the city centre, you can then take a walk through the small streets and discover the many architectural attractions that give this city in the North of Belgium its famed reputation.

The impressive Cathedral of Our Lady is also worth a visit. Located on Handschoenmarkt, it is the main church of the Antwerp diocese. Construction of this largest Gothic building in the Low Countries took a staggering 169 years. The cathedral is surrounded by the Grand Place and the lively Groenplaats.

A romantic evening in Flanders

As you may have heard, Antwerp is a city with a vibrant nightlife. There's always a great place where you can enjoy a fun night out with your partner. During your stay or romantic weekend getaway, be sure to try one or more Belgian specialties at one of the city's restaurants. The narrow streets in the center and the picturesque spots provide a beautiful setting for a romantic evening. Don't hesitate any longer and surprise your loved one with a delightful stay in Antwerp!

Ideas for your family holidays

For the pleasure of both young and not-so-young, the city offers activities to suit all types. Upon arriving at the central station, first make a stop at the Comics Station. An amusement park dedicated to comic and animation heroes, here everyone will come face to face again with the characters of their childhood.

The Antwerp Zoo is also a must-see for animal lovers. There you will find more than 5,000 animals of 950 species. Visit the Valley of the Apes as well as rarer animals, such as koalas.

Foodies big and small, head for Antwerp’s city centre and have a waffle, a quintessential Belgian specialty!

If you love shopping, Meir is undoubtedly the place for you. This long shopping street, mostly car-free, is home to numerous chain stores. Who knows, you might even find some interesting discounts on your favorite items!


For your weekend in Belgium, visit Antwerp

Discover Antwerp’s museums

The history of the city of Antwerp allows us today to take pleasure in a city where cultural commitment holds a special place. Be sure to visit a museum in Antwerp, such as the Van Hedendaagse Kunst Museum, the FOMU (Photography Museum of Antwerp), or the MAS (Museum Ann Stroom).

Things to do in Antwerp

A visit with nature in Flanders

For travellers wanting to get a breath of fresh air, the city of Antwerp is ideal. The many green areas and sites designed for walking and relaxation are spread throughout the city, allowing you hours of leisurely strolling.

Start at the Stadspark, located a few minutes from the central station. From there you can head to Antwerp’s Botanical Gardens. With more than 2,000 plants and a greenhouse featuring exotic species, it is an ideal place for a walk.

The banks of the Scheldt are also lined with many walking trails for an alternative tour of the city in the midst of nature.


Book your stay in Antwerp with B&B HOTELS

Are you planning a visit to Antwerp for one or more nights? B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Centrum and B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid welcome you with open arms, whether it's for a business trip or a tourist stay in Belgium. Both hotels offer pleasant comfort, beautiful design, and impeccable facilities, including a cozy lounge, fast Wi-Fi, great beds, and modern bathrooms. In one of our B&B HOTELS in Antwerp, you're guaranteed to have a stylish overnight experience!