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  • Welcome to B&B HOTELS in Spain Hotel B&B
  • 28/11/202129/11/2021
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Welcome to B&B HOTELS in Spain, 39 hotels

Hotels in Spain - B&B Hotels

Looking for a hotel in Spain for your next leisure or business trip? Our B&B Hotels will surprise you! They are characterised by offering warm, modern, attractive, functional, innovative accommodation at an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Our objective? To satisfy all the requests and needs of our guests.

With B&B Hotels, it will be very easy for you to find the hotel that best suits your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a hotel near the train station, the airport, a few steps from the beach or the city centre and close to the most important monuments. Look no further! At B&B Hotels we offer you a wide variety of hotels located in strategic places, close to the main places of interest, public transport stops or airports.

The services we offer

When you arrive at our hotels, no matter what time it is, you will enjoy 24-hour customer service. You can check in at reception and pay with your card or cash. All comforts are reserved at B&B Hotels. When booking, from or from the mobile application, you can indicate the age of your children so that they can benefit from our best rates. 

In our hotels you can enjoy countless services: buffet breakfast, often free parking, late check out, early check-out and free coffee corner 24 hours a day, among many others. 

Each of our hotel rooms has an air conditioning system, high-speed Wi-Fi included in the price, flat screen televisions with many international channels and Chromecast. Our rooms are all very comfortable, with very comfortable mattresses, quality bedding that is changed regularly, and a private bathroom with XXL shower that has excellent pressure.

History of the B&B Hotels Group

In addition to our hotels in Spain, B&B Hotels, a French hotel chain, has more than 590 hotels and more than 50.000 rooms in 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. If you want to know more about us, we will give you a few brushstrokes with the most important dates of the group.

Key dates in the history of the B&B Hotels group:

  • 1990: Simultaneous opening of the first hotels in Brest and St-Malo.

  • 1998: Opening of the first hotel in Germany.

  • 2007: Acquisition of the Village Hotels group with almost 60 hotels in France and 2 in Germany.

  • 2009: Opening of the first hotels in Italy.

  • 2010: Opening of the market in Poland.

  • 2012: Opening of the 200th hotel in France.

  • 2013: Acquisition of 4 hotels in Spain.

  • 2015: Opening of the B&B Hotel in Disneyland® Paris.

  • 2016: Opening of the 250th hotel in France and acquisition of the Sidorme Group with 15 hotels in Spain.

  • 2017: B&B Hotels has more than 400 hotels throughout Europe.

  • 2018: First openings in Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

  • 2019: Opening of hotel #500 in Palermo, Italy. Digitisation of the group with the launch of a common website and app, a common loyalty program that lets you travel more affordably, and a common claims system for the entire group: ONLY FOR EVERYONE. This year, the group was also acquired by the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

The group is currently in the middle of an expansion project. The French group expects to end 2021 with more than 600 hotels and more than 55.000 rooms.