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Loyalty Program

For only 39 € a year, join the Club and benefit from systematic discounts, including on specials, as well as rewards to use wherever and whenever you want (free breakfasts and stays!) and many other privileges!

The advantages of the B&B HOTELS loyalty program

Exclusive discounts

Always benefit from of the lowest price: -10% on the room, on the breakfast and an additional 5% on our promotional rates.

Benefits are valid everywhere

Accumulate points and choose wherever you wish to use them, wether in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland... Your loyalty will help you travel more!


The points you accumulate are valid permanently. You are free to use them whenever you like, during weekdays or on the weekend!

Enhance your mobility

Everything is designed to facilitate your experience; check-in wherever you are from your phone with our mobile app; benefit from our team’s assistance to make your reservations or inquire via a special number without any additional cost.
Join today to enjoy all these benefits immediately!


As a member, you will also regularly be updated on our great deals and exclusive offers. You will also be able to access exclusive information and tips! All of the information will be accessible from your account.