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  • Girona
  • 18 Jun. 202419 Jun. 2024
    18 Jun.19 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Girona: a city of culture, 2 hotels

Girona, one of the main cities of Catalonia, is steeped in history and culture, and is a joy to discover while wandering through its old quarter. Your hotel in Girona will take you back in time as you explore this still-vibrant Catalonian city.

Exploring the Ciutat Vella from your Girona accommodation

Situated on the left bank of the Riu Onyar, the Old Town, or Ciutat Vella is an ideal place to start out from your Girona hotel. Your attention will first be drawn to the imposing cathedral, which sits atop a flight of some 90 steps and towers over the old quarter. The cathedral, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, contains notable works, including the Tapestry of the Creation, one of the finest Romanesque tapestries still surviving. 

Alongside the river Onyar the Rambla de la Libertat was constructed in the 13th century to hold the market and was for a long time the main commercial center to the city of Girona. Here you can experience low-ceilinged arcades and unequal arches which are always worth a visit.

Steps away from the cathedral is the old Jewish quarter, called the Call. Before the reconquest in 1492, and the subsequent expulsion of Jews from Spain, Girona was home to one of Europe’s largest Jewish quarters, which remain some of the best-preserved. Even today, the 13th-century neighbourhood has a bustling ambience, with boutique shops, cafés and bars nestled among its narrow alleyways. The story of this neighbourhood is told further in the Museum of Jewish History, one of Girona’s finest.

Discovering Girona’s museums

Girona’s historic sights and many museums are another great reason to book your hotel in Girona. Art lovers are in for a treat at the Museu d’Art, located right next to the cathedral, with over 8,500 pieces from the Romanesque period to the 20th century. The Museu del Cinema boasts hands-on displays and an exploration of visual storytelling. 

Many of Girona’s historical attractions are exhibits in their own rights: the Passeig Arqueòlogic is a route along the old city walls, through gardens, watchtowers and belvederes to the Plaça de Catalunya, which affords sweeping views of the old quarter. The Banys Àrabs (Arab Baths) offer a window into a 12th-century bathhouse that was the meeting point of Girona society for centuries.

Your hotel near Girona: key to discovering the region

Girona is ideally situated for excursions to the nearby mountains and the isolated coves and sunny beaches of the Costa Brava. The beach town of Lloret del Mar is just a short drive from Girona and boasts extensive white-sand beaches alongside rocky outcroppings that offer majestic views. Day trips to Barcelona or the nearby city of Figueres, the home of Salvador Dalí, are also possible.

Girona is a historic city that remains vibrant to this day. Alongside its many attractions, it boasts a thriving culinary scene and nightlife frequented by visitors, students and locals alike. B&B Hotels has everything you need to find your hotel deals in Girona today.