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  • Le Havre
  • 13 Jun. 202414 Jun. 2024
    13 Jun.14 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Le Havre, 2 hotels

Discover our affordable hotels in Le Havre and take a tour of Haute Normandie whilst sticking to your budget. Admire the port of Le Havre, visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame or simply stroll in the streets of this charming city. Come and visit Le Havre and stay in one of our two hotels.

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Le Havre is a major European port and a large industrial city, making it a popular destination for business travel. But it must be said that this Normandy city is more than a concrete jungle! The cradle of Impressionism, a city of Art and History with stunning beaches, this seaside resort, in the heart of Normandy, also draws holidaymakers! Come and enjoy this maritime city for afamily weekend away in our Le Havre establishments.

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Our B&B HOTEL Le Havre Harfleur 1 is in a perfect location: easy to get to via the N282 highway and the Le Havre-Graville railway station, it is also close to the port of Le Havre. In about 10 minutes’ drive you can get to Le Havre city centre and onto the Étretat cliffs (a 30-minute drive): all you need to take a short trip to the coast. Our most affordable hotel in Le Havre is a two-star establishment which offers full comfort : high-quality bedding, an XXL shower head, a flat-screen television and free unlimited Wi-Fi - everything is designed with your wellbeing in mind.

The B&B HOTEL Le Havre Harfleur 2 is a two-star establishment and enjoys a central location. When it comes to transport links, you’re spoilt for choice! By car, the N282 highway is nearby and will allow you to quickly get to theA131 (serving Rouen). The hotel is also close to the railway station and the port of Le Havre : train or boat, all options are open! For visiting the city, you’ll find Le Havre city centre a 10-minute drive away whilst Honfleur is a 20-minute drive away: very convenient.

Don’t delay—book your affordable hotel in Le Havre today!

Visit and explore Le Havre

Le Havre owes its genesis to François 1st, who turned this small Normandy settlement into a true royal port. Subsequently, Napoleon the Third decided to take down the city wall and replace it with wide streets. At this point Le Havre became a large industrial city, a merchant port and a port of call for transatlantic cruises.
As home to France’s second-largest port, some 85% of the city was to be flattened in the Second World War. To make it rise from its ashes, architect Auguste Perret redesigned it as a new town combining the modern look of concrete with that of nobler materials. It is thanks to him that the history-rich city centre is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A walk in the footsteps of the Impressionists, a tour of the history-rich city centre, of the Eglise Saint-Joseph or the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, a relaxing break on the beach, a boat ride or shopping trip…. It’s up to you to decide which way of exploring will suit you best during your stay in Le Havre.

Le Havre has a unique heritage that makes it a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not to be missed:the Saint-Joseph church, the Notre-Dame cathedral, la maison de l’armateur and the prieuré de Graville. Also, don’t miss its fantastic museums such as the muséum d’Histoire Naturelle or the musée Malraux !

Le Havre is a hive of activity all year round! Among the highlights of the event calendar, note the festival de la glisse in June, the Z’Estivales, (a traditional summer festival in July and August) and l’Automne en Normandie, a theater arts festival held in October.

Why choose? Spend several days in Le Havre and book a room in one of our two more affordable B&B hotels in Le Havre!