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  • Dresden
  • 14 Jul. 202415 Jul. 2024
    14 Jul.15 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Dresden, 1 hotel

Welcome to Florence on the Elbe!

Enjoy your stay at an affordable B&B hotel in the fascinating city of Dresden. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the historic centre from the lush banks of the Elbe. Alternatively, take a tour through the city and discover what “Florence on the Elbe” has to offer. There are many sights to visit such as the Frauenkirche church and Semperoper opera house, as well as excursions to the picturesque countryside surrounding the city.

Hotel in downtown Dresden - A city of contrasts

Nestled in the beautiful Ore Mountains, the vibrant metropolis of Dresden is located near the border with the Czech Republic and Saxony. Today, the historic center of Dresden in the Saxon capital is one of the most beautiful in the country, with an abundance of buildings, galleries and museums. People from all over the world come to admire the city's masterpieces and to contemplate the contrasts of the most important Baroque buildings in the world.

Hotel Dresden — Between nature and architecture

Our B&B Hotel Dresden in the city center is ideally located to explore the entire city. Whether by available taxis, the public train or on foot, the Old and New Town can be reached quickly and easily from our accommodation. The city impresses with its diversity between the incomparable old buildings and the modern New Town. There is a lot of art, culture and nature in between. Depending on your taste, the trip to one of the trendy districts of Dresden's Neustadt, which is characterized above all by modernity, is worthwhile. Between bars and cafés, culinary diversity and trendy nightlife, the New Town is a metropolis of eventful life.

Our hotel offer is of course barrier-free and our accommodations offer you free wireless high-speed WiFi, including Sky TV.

Dresden city breaks: between the new and old town

Centrally located, you can reach the most beautiful sights from our B&B hotel and at the same time you are only a few meters away from the enchanting Elbe. A fascinating view of the city can be captured from the Elbe. Offers for the most popular boat trips in Dresden can be found around the Elbe region. Apart from the wealth of the Elbe, Dresden offers extensive offers both inside and outside the city. The old town, which can be reached comfortably on foot from our hotel, offers a wealth of restaurants in some of the oldest historic buildings in Germany.

Historical history in Dresden - a journey through time

The Residenchloss is not called the Residence of Art for nothing; the Dresden area is home to one of the most valuable Renaissance castles in the world. The city thrives on its splendor of form and colors and its diverse exhibitions. The old town also offers the so-called “Old Market Square”, one of the oldest squares in Dresden, which was mentioned in writings as early as 1370. Here you will find fascinating buildings from days gone by: the Palace of Culture, the Frauenkirche and the Kreuzkirche. Various information about the individual buildings can be found at various information points within the city.

Our inexpensive hotel room in Dresden offers you the best comfort thanks to its perfectly central location. There is an S-Bahn stop near your accommodation as well as a short walk to Dresden Central Station. City breaks in Dresden and the region are internationally popular precisely because the city impresses with its networking, modernity and culture.

Your favorite animals are also welcome in our accommodations, and our hotel in Dresden is of course pet-friendly.

Activities around Dresden: Flair and variety

A stay in the metropolis can be combined with a wide range of opportunities to get to know the surroundings of the city. A private car is not necessarily required, as public transport offers good connections. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains, about 50 km south of Dresden, invite you to explore so-called Saxon Switzerland. The uniqueness of this nature, also known as the Grand Canyon of the East, amazes every hiking and nature lover. Various hiking trails, from easy to hard, allow for leisurely and challenging nature hikes. Tips on hiking trails can be found in various information booths around Dresden or on the Internet.

Numerous castles and palaces stretch along the banks of the Elbe and offer an inviting backdrop. While Dresden's weekly markets with fresh fruits, vegetables and all goodies invite you to stroll, culinary and local specialties can be found directly on site (rich food can be found on every corner in Dresden). The offers around Dresden are inexhaustible, as nature is one of the most natural cities in Europe, with just over 60 percent green space.

Art in Dresden - Experience Baroque architecture

In the Middle Ages, Dresden developed into one of the most important centers for art, culture and science in Europe. The baroque splendor of the city earned it the nickname “Florence on the Elbe”. Dresden's historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including buildings such as the Zwinger Palace and the Semper Opera House. Dresden has the largest collection of Baroque art in Germany. The city's churches, such as the cathedrals of St. Martin and St. Anna, are noteworthy. The city is also home to several baroque palaces, Dresden Castle and the old residential palace.

The Green Vault is home to artistic enjoyment, and this outstanding building displays treasures from all over the world. Rooms made of reflections and baroque treasuries with gold, rock crystals and diamonds distinguish this museum.

Hotel in Dresden city center — The New Town and its modernity

Around the Friedrich Schiller monument and the Epiphany Church in the middle of Dresden's Neustadt, the modernity of the city captivates every visitor. Here, the architecture of days gone by meets inviting high-quality building and regional lifestyles. Even the world of the GDR, a museum about life at that time, offers a glimpse into the city's near past. The trendy district has a barely comparable flair and a constant alternation of historic houses, branched alleys and restored buildings makes this district look elegant and super.

The district was built around the 19th century, where it gradually blossomed. It is known as a nightlife district with countless pubs, cinemas and various clubs — in Dresden, everyone meets their preferences and finds the diversity primarily regional.

Culinary delights can be found around Dresden, but if you like it unusual, you will find a wealth of exceptional restaurants in Dresden's New Town.

Elbepark Dresden: Shopping, fashion and leisure activities

Between huge shopping centers, shopping malls and small designer shops in terms of taste, the Elbepark offers an experience for every visitor. Compared to many other cities, Dresden even has free parking facilities and clear transport connections. From our hotel, you have the opportunity to start your shopping trip comfortably and stress-free on the S-Bahn, which is only a few meters away. If you want to get an overview first, it is worthwhile to buy a day ticket for the big Dresden city tour.

In the evenings, more and more peace returns to the Elbpark and various restaurants offer international culinary offerings. The perfect end to a breathtaking tour of the city.

Sights in Dresden