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  • Düsseldorf
  • 14 Jul. 202415 Jul. 2024
    14 Jul.15 Jul.
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Düsseldorf, 7 hotels

The city with the most exclusive kilometer in Germany - Staying overnight at Hotel Düsseldorf

A warm welcome to the fashion city of Düsseldorf! Stay at one of our affordable B&B Hotels and get to know this diverse city a little better. Discover a combination of modern and historic architecture in the Medienhafen, take a stroll along the Rhine or be there for all the excitement of the Carnival in February. Fashionistas will be in their element when strolling along the Kö boulevard. You’ll be amazed!

In our article What can you do in Düsseldorf? we give you a first insight into various activities that you can do during your stay in the metropolis.

Landmarks in Dusseldorf

Are you considering spending your vacation in Düsseldorf? Or would you like to have a good time with your child in a diverse city? To make your decision easier, we have put together an overview of the sights in Düsseldorf am Rhein.

Düsseldorf Old Town

Probably the longest bar in the world attracts numerous visitors to bars, restaurants, cafés and pubs every year. Countless rustic as well as modern venues are bustling in an incredibly small area that invite you to linger in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy celebrations. Visitors should definitely try the diverse, regional old beers.

The “Kö”

Königsallee is Germany's most famous shopping street. International luxury boutiques line up along the magnificent boulevard. If you are interested in exclusive fashion, you are in good hands here. We also recommend that all visitors stroll along the road towards Hofgarten. There, you can relax in the green heart of the city and relax away from the hustle and bustle of shopping. Or you decide to walk towards Graf-Adolf-Platz. There, you can discover more shopping opportunities on Graf Adolf Str.

We have written an article on shopping in Düsseldorf especially for shopping enthusiasts, with some insider tips.

Düsseldorf Zoo

The Düsseldorf Zoological Garden was once an animal park in Düsseldorf. Due to destruction in the 2nd World War, the Zoo was converted into today's zoo park in the early 50 s The park is located in the Düsseltal district — residents still call the district Düsseldorf Zoo today.

The large park is ideal for a long walk or a picnic with the family. Two playgrounds, various sunbathing areas and a dog run area attract numerous visitors, as well as locals. The park can be easily reached by S-Bahn — simply get off at the Düsseldorf Zoo stop.

Where is the best place to eat in Düsseldorf?

The Rhine metropolis also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights — from Asian fusion cuisine to home cooking in Rhineland. We will introduce you to some of our favorites and have also written an article about restaurants in Düsseldorf.

The boat

In the heart of the old town, we recommend the traditional boat. In Düsseldorf's oldest restaurant, guests can expect a solid selection of Rhenish dishes and German home cooking.


The Qomo is located directly in Düsseldorf's landmark — the Rhine Tower. A blend of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine awaits you at lofty heights in the fusion restaurant.


For a night out, we recommend the trendy district of Pempelfort. Restaurants, bars, cafés and small shops are lined up around Nordstraße. Our personal tip: the AQ bar. It is also called the living room of Düsseldorf. A super nice bar concept, which is quite unique in Düsseldorf.

Staying overnight at the B&B Hotel Düsseldorf

We offer you numerous options to stay overnight in Düsseldorf. Are you planning a short trip to Düsseldorf? Are you meeting business partners or would you like to attend the fair Or are you just passing through and need to catch a flight?

For every occasion, we offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay. Whether you prefer the airport hotel, but want to stay close to the old town or spend the night in a family room with your child, the choice is yours and we present our B&B hotels in the following sections.

You can easily make your booking online on the respective hotel page. The same available rooms will also be shown to you there.Depending on availability, you may sometimes have the option of using our hotel's own parking spaces.The standard service of our B&B hotels in Düsseldorf includes free WiFi and Sky TV in all rooms.

B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-Airport

Our hotel at Düsseldorf Airport is located in close proximity to DUS International Airport, the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia. Around 700 flights depart from there every day, making the accommodation ideal for business travelers and holidaymakers alike. In around 100 single, double and family rooms, you can also conveniently check in outside reception opening hours via a vending machine. The Airport Hotel windows are of course soundproofed and the air conditioning system ensures pleasant room temperatures. The advantage of the hotel is that it is only about 8 minutes from the departure terminal. In this way, you can enjoy our breakfast buffet in peace and relax and set off on vacation.

B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-City

The B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-City is located directly on the Wehrhahn and is therefore well connected to public transport. The central location in the city center provides an ideal base for exploring the old town, as well as the scene district of Pempelfort. DUS airport, as well as Düsseldorf main station, can be easily reached by S-Bahn.

B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-Mitte

Do you need to catch a train early in the morning? Or do you arrive at Düsseldorf Central Station late in the evening? Then we advise you to check into the B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-Hbf. It is located just 5 minutes from the main train station and is easily accessible via the U75. If you want to explore the city center, we advise you to stroll along Count Adolf St. towards Kö and then linger in the beautiful old town.

B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-City Süd

The B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-City Süd is located exactly between two interesting districts: Bilk and Flingern. In recent years, Flingern has developed into a trendy district, with countless small restaurants, bars and alternative pubs. Due to its central location in Oberbilk, visitors are just a stone's throw away from the main train station and the old town. The direct location next to a trendy district enables the discovery of numerous culinary refinements.

B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-Ratingen

Our B&B Hotel Düsseldorf-Ratingen is particularly suitable if you are looking for the perfect accommodation for your stay in the Ruhr area. Cities such as Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Wuppertal are located in the immediate vicinity. Discover the diversity of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. You can easily book online — we will show you the available rooms directly on the page.

Landmarks in Dusseldorf