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  • Clermont-Ferrand
  • 15 Jul. 202416 Jul. 2024
    15 Jul.16 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Clermont-Ferrand, 5 hotels

Explore our low-cost hotels in Clermont-Ferrand, a city in the centre of an ancient volcanic cirque. Come explore the various sites and historical monuments such as the famous Notre-Dame-du-Port Basilica. Find out all you need to know about the Puy-De-Dôme! Visit the Black City and book in one of our four hotels in Clermont-Ferrand.

Book a hotel in Clermont-Ferrand

Do you know what’s special about Clermont-Ferrand? Its historic buildings are built of volcanic rock, which earned it the nickname "Black City". Amazing, isn’t it? You’ve been warned; the capital city of Auvergne has a strong character, just like its volcanoes!

Our favourite B&B HOTELS in Clermont-Ferrand

If you’re looking fora hotel room with free Wifi, book in our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Sud Aubière, our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Le Brézet o our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand A71/75 La Méridienne located close to the airport and the SNCF train station. You can also book a room in our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Nord Riom and our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Gerzat, located near the Gerzat SNCF train station and 15 minutes from the city centre.

Our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Gerzat hotel boast a two-star rating, and is very easy to get to. Close to the A71 and A89 motorways, it’s perfect for travelers looking for a little rest. Since it’s not far from the Transeuropéenne and the Arvenne, you can easily get to the Clermont-Ferrand SNCF train station and the airport is only 6 km away: it’s a truly convenient location! If you’re looking to visit the city and enjoy its festivities, you’ll be happy to know that the city centre is only 15 minutes from our hotel.  

Our B&B HOTEL Clermont Nord Riom hotel is ideal for fully enjoying the Auvergne charm! Close totourist sites (11km fromVolvic et less than 30 kmVulcania and from the Puy de Dôme), you’ll have the opportunity to go on some great family strolls. So that you can come admire the sumptuous landscapes of the Puys mountain chain, our hotel is reachable by the following: 15 km from the Clermont-Ferrand SNCF train station and 18 km from Clermont airport, just take exit n°13 off the A71.

Our B&B HOTEL Clermont Ferrand Le Brézet hotel is very easyto get to. At just a few minutes from the SNCF train station but also the Clermont-Ferrand airport, our hotel is ideal for a family trip to Auvergne. Come visit the Michelin Adventure Museum or the medieval district of Montferrand at your leisure! Our budget hotel in Clermont boasts a two-star rating: you’ll love the flat screen TV, the XXL shower, the free unlimited internet and the air conditioning. We’ve though of everything.

The B&B HOTEL Clermont Ferrand Sud Aubière hotel is just a short walk from the shops and businesses of the Aubière business park. There are also a number of restaurants and the Ciné Dôme.

Our B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand A71/75 La Méridienne opens its doors to you and it has everything to please you! It is ideally located just a few minutes from the train station and the city centre by taking the Avenue Edouard Michelin, a local celebrity known throughout the world thanks to his eponymous tyre brand.  By choosing our hotel for your stay, you choose to be less than 10 minutes from the Clermont-Ferrand-Auvergne airport and 30 minutes from the Puy-de-Dôme and the natural sites that abound in the region. 


Don’t delay—book your affordable hotel in Clermont-Ferrand today!

Your stay in Clermont-Ferrand

The former capital of Gaul, Clermont-Ferrand was long famous for its battles, from Vercingetorix to Gergovie. But its true history didn’t begin until the eighteenth century, when Louis XV decided to unite two cities: Clermont and Montferrand. Since then, the city features two pedestrian centres which are home to four historic districts: Champratel, Croix de Neyrat, La Gauthière and Les Vergnes.
The city owes its economic rise particularly to the Michelin family, which brought wealth and notoriety to the city thanks to its pneumatic industry. Art Deco architecture is featured throughout entire neighborhoods. Can you tell which ones?

What to do in Clermont-Ferrand?


There’s nothing better than window shopping at Place de Jaude, the emblematic square of Clermont-Ferrand. You’ll love the boutiques that line the square or the Jaude shopping center as well as the many shops.

What to see and do?

Spend your stay in the city exploring the historic district of Montferrand, schedule a visit to the cellars of Clermont-Ferrand or go for a walk in the old city centre around the Place de la Victoire.

If you have a few extra days, plan a cultural excursion to Vulcania, the European volcano park, which is perfect for learning about volcanoes and the land that surrounds them.

From science exhibitions to fun games and shows, there’s something for everyone! Take the VolcanBul for example, a glass electric vehicle that takes you on a journey through the entire park and the Chaîne de Puys volcanoes, or the Dragon Ride, a ride that plunges you into the bowels of the Earth, or even the new Mission TOBA, which flies you higher above a super-volcano.

To learn all you can about volcanoes and visit this park at your own pace, book quickly in one of our B&B HOTELS, located less than 30 minutes away.

Whether you choose to visit the Notre-Dame du Port basilica, la cathedrallava stone, la Vercingétorix statue, thePlace de la Victoire or the Roger Quilliot art museum, you’ll find tons of great things to see during you stay in Clermont-Ferrand!

You’re in one of the French cities that hosts the most musical and cultural festivals, like theInternational Short Film Festival in February or the Jazz Auvergne Festival in April. But Clermont-Ferrand is also a city inspired by nature. That's exactly why the city hosts more than 15 sporting events, including the Open Volcanoes golf competition in September. You’ll definitely get your swing on here!

So come and experience this dynamic city and spend a few days in one of our budget hotels in Clermont Ferrand.