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  • Cracow
  • 19 Jul. 202420 Jul. 2024
    19 Jul.20 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Cracow, 1 hotel

Get to know Cracow

No other city in Poland has such a climate! It is created by students, artists and legendary heroes, with the Wawel Dragon at the forefront. The beautiful Old Town, with the largest medieval market square in Europe, the atmospheric Kazimierz and unique Nowa Huta are just some of the places to see in Cracow. And there are probably as many of them as poppy or sesame seeds on a traditional Cracow bagel. It is really worth seeing at least a part of what the capital of Lesser Poland has to offer.

A city with an extraordinary history and atmosphere

Cracow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. From the beginning, its history is inseparably connected with the monarchy and the times of Poland’s glory. The kings Ladislaus the Short, Casimir the Great and Sigismund the Old ruled the country from Cracow. It was also the place where Polish kings were crowned, the famous Royal Sigismund Bell was created, and St Mary’s Church was built. In this church, you can see a medieval altar, one of the most famous works of Wit Stwosz. Of course, there is also Wawel Royal Castle. A beautiful castle towering over the city and a symbol of the country’s history. Cracow is a real paradise for fans of Polish history and monuments.

But most of all it is a city of extraordinary atmosphere, symbols and traditions. A place where you can often hear a street musician, whose skills are so much better than the skills of many professionals. There are also traditional horse-drawn carriages on the Main Square. The spectacular Cloth Hall is still a trade place, and in the centre you can come across a microscopic stall with Cracow bagels at every step. Every half hour a bugle call is heard from the tower of St Mary’s Church. At noon, the entire Poland can hear it on the radio. And even though this sound can be used to measure time, in Cracow you often feel that the passage of hours, days and years has been miraculously slowed down. That is also the magic of this city.

Comfortable accommodation in Cracow

To take advantage of the greatest attractions of Cracow, you should choose a hotel right next to the Old Town. The B&B Kraków Centrum Hotel is located at ul. Monte Cassino 1, right next to the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and within walking distance of the Planty Gardens and the Main Market Square. From here you can start discovering Cracow in any form: on foot, by public transport, by taxi and by your own transport.

Worth seeing

The Main Market Square in Cracow

The largest urban market in the country. There are the Cloth Hall, St Mary’s Church, the Town Hall tower, St Adalbert’s Church and beautiful historic tenement houses. In addition, there are excellent restaurants as well as bars and clubs that are always full. In the underground of the Main Square you can see a multimedia spectacle showing how the Square looked and sounded in the Middle Ages. Definitely worth it!

St Mary’s Church

Its two towers watch over the Cracow’s Main Square. Inside you will see the famous altar by Wit Stwosz, which depicts scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary.

Wawel Royal Castle!

It is situated on the left bank of the Vistula. There is a cave beneath the castle where supposedly a dragon once lived. Today, it is a sculpture of the dragon, which is lit by fire every few minutes.

Wawel Cathedral

The final resting place of Polish kings (e.g. Stephen Báthory, Władysław IV Vasa, Sigismund II August, August II the Strong, Sigismund III Vasa and John Casimir Vasa), bishops as well as famous and outstanding Poles such as the poets Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Słowacki.

Kazimierz district

One of the most visited places in Cracow. Here you can see the historic synagogues: Old, Isaac, Kupa, Remuh, Tempel and churches: Corpus Christi, St Catherine, Holy Trinity and many others. It is worth getting lost in these atmospheric streets.

The Czartoryski Museum

One of the oldest museums in Poland, founded by Princess Izabela Czartoryska, a collector of valuable European and Middle Eastern art. Here you can see works by Leonardo da Vinci (the famous “Lady with an Ermine”), Rembrandt or Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

It is also interesting outside the city!

You can be sight-seeing Cracowfor weeks, but there are equally important, noteworthy places to visit near the city. There is, above all, the world-famous “Wieliczka” Salt Mine and the Auschwitz Museum. The capital of Lesser Poland is also an excellent starting point for those who would like to see the extraordinary landscapes of the Polish Jurassic Highland. Ojców National Park attracts those who love caves, picturesque rocks and other extraordinary works of nature. This is where you can see, among other things, the spectacular Hercules’ Club.