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  • Kassel
  • 17 Apr. 202418 Apr. 2024
    17 Apr.18 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Kassel, 3 hotels

Kassel – the fairytale town of the Brother’s Grimm

Stay at our affordable B&B Hotel Kassel-City and experience this exciting city. Visit one of Germany’s most beautiful Rococo castles, and marvel at its ornate interior exhibitions. On a hike through the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park, you can visit the Wilhelmshöhe and Löwenburg castles as well as the impressive Hercules fountain. Kassel also has a number of museums to offer, for example the GRIMMWELT and the Natural History Museum.

B&B Hotels in Kassel — In the heart of Germany

The big city of North Hesse is the third largest city in the state of Hesse and, with 200,000 inhabitants, the third largest metropolis in this area. The city shows itself in green and, of course, manageable beauty. With its green algae and mountain park, Wilhelmshöhe is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The baroque bridge that can be found there was chosen as a World Heritage Site in 2013, which only underlines its uniqueness.

The mountain park extends well over 2 square kilometers in the Habichtswald. Anyone visiting this place will find themselves in Europe's largest mountain park. Such a park amazes every one of its guests - even its construction took no less than an amazing 150 years. Construction began at the end of the 17th century. Fountains, various water points and even a waterfall can be found here.

No matter what reason you are visiting Kassel for, whether as a business trip or a family trip, our B&B Hotel Kassel-Süd with its 74 rooms in a new design has ideal beds for our guests. In our accommodation, you will find free high-speed Wi-Fi and Sky TV, and if you arrive by car, you have the option of parking in one of our free parking spaces (subject to availability).

Culture Kassel — Embedded in a piece of nature

In the Karlsaue State Park, you can explore an extensive landscaped park that is not far from the center. People of all backgrounds come together here, walk, do activities and spread out over the 150 hectares that this park has to offer. The view of this park never ceases to amaze guests and the ideal paths within the park attract many visitors every day with rich walks. There are only a few parks in Germany that provide such an atmosphere for your visits — almost as if you had traveled a few years back in time.

For our guests, the B&B Hotel Kassel-City offers modern rooms in a central location and friendly service. Here you can choose between single rooms, double rooms and family rooms. If you are travelling by car, it is possible to use one of our free parking spaces (subject to availability).

The Wilhelmshöhe train station in Kassel is just 5 km away from our hotel via Wilhelmshöher Allee and is therefore centrally located in the city. In our accommodation you will find free Wi-Fi online access including Sky TV and air conditioning.

Kassel in focus: Cultural wealth and artistic treasures

Visitors to Kassel rave about the variety of art collections that can be found, for example, in “Der Documenta”, one of the largest international exhibitions. Contemporary culture in particular can be admired here, and so hundreds of thousands of visitors meet in Kassel every year. “Die Documenta” in the city contains works of art from past decades and is also a modern-appealing experience for the eye — making a visit to the “Documenta” city almost a must for city trip lovers.

The Grimmwelt exhibition houses everything German fairy tales have to tell, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White or Mrs. Holle — the museum is based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and it's resulting collection is as unique as rare. More art collections can be admired at Wilhelmshöhe Palace and it houses over 500 creative works that date back to the 17th century.

Overnight stay in Kassel — Between modern and classic old town

Until it was completely devastated during the war, the old town of the historic residential city of Kassel was one of the most important in Central Europe. However, regardless of its misfortunes, Kassel still offers a lot of architectural history and sights to see today. The Old Gothic Brethren Church is one of the oldest buildings. Construction began around the 13th century. It was first used by the Carmelites in the 18th century and after the church was completed.

But that's not all, Kassel has the most extensive urban square in Germany, Friedrichsplatz, with many restaurants and bistros. The Drusel Tower, which rises over 40 meters, is one of the rare medieval buildings in Kassel. It was once surrounded by Kassel's city fortifications, although together with the Gothic Zwehr Tower, it is now the only remnant of the former protective wall. A little further from this is today's St. Charles Church. This baroque church is characterized by its eight-sided structure. But the glockenspiel, which consists of a total of 47 bells, also inspires many visitors.

If you would like to experience the city with all its diverse offers, you can use the KasselCard to receive discounts on various activities. Discounts for city tours, guided tours, museums and much more are among the options available within the card. You are welcome to find out more online via KasselCard or directly at the tourist information office.

Points of interest in Kassel