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  • Namur
  • 14 Jun. 202415 Jun. 2024
    14 Jun.15 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Namur , 1 hotel

Located in the heart of the Walloon region, the French-speaking part of the Kingdom of Belgium, Namur is a perfect introduction to the discovery of its many architectural, cultural and gastronomic riches. Nestled at the confluence of the Meuse and the Sambre, Namur is a historic city known, in particular, for its buildings dating from the 18th century - including the famous citadel of Namur or the Saint-Aubain cathedral. Here’s an overview of the essentials of a Walloon capital full of surprises, just an hour’s drive from Brussels!

The citadel of Namur


Archaeological excavations attest to the presence of humans in the province of Namur since prehistoric times. Geographically, the place has something to enchant us, even in the Neolithic era: you have to imagine wooded expanses, rich in forests and game, fertile lands watered by the Sambre and its tributary the Meuse, a rocky massif that can serve both as a shelter and vantage point, etc.

The city saw its first period of urbanization at the time of the Roman conquest. Endowed with a port from the 1st century, Namur began to maintain commercial relations with the rest of the Empire. It became richer, grew and strengthened. Today's citadel reflects the influence of the city and the envy it inspired, changing hands over the course of multiple sieges until the independence of Belgium in 1830. The very first Roman fortifications on the rocky outcrop were succeeded by a medieval castle, a large dam wall, towers and high walls. Initially a place of residence, the Château de Namur gradually became a fortress with the development of underground construction techniques, then those of ‘horned structures’ with the addition of bastions, the new Terra Nova defence system. Today, with its truly rich history, the citadel can be visited from the outside by taking a small tourist train or walking around its walls - it’s the best view of the city!

You can also discover the place from the inside, with all its historical past, at the Terra Nova Visitor Centre. During your strolls, don’t miss the superb gardens and the statue of Jan Fabre, Searching for Utopia: an imposing statue of a turtle in gilded bronze, ridden by its creator, at the tip of the citadel. For something more unusual, try the guided tour of the Namur underground passages, one of the largest European networks with 500 meters of fully restored galleries enhanced with sound and light.

Since 2021, a cable car allows you to discover the city whilst enjoying a breathtaking view and provides access to the citadel from the heart of Namur!

Old Namur and the Félicien Rops museum

With its entirely pedestrian streets, quays and old houses with brick facades, old Namur has managed to preserve the charm of a village on a human scale. Stroll down rue des Carmes and rue des Croisiers to discover beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings, evidence of Namur's flourishing past. On Place d'Armes, it is the facade of the Bourse and its Neo-Classical style that will hold your attention. But Namur's religious heritage is not to be outdone, with two monuments that are worth a visit: the Saint-Aubain cathedral and theSaint-Loup church.

Museum enthusiasts will appreciate, among other things, the Les Bateliers Museum Centre bringing together the Archaeological Museum and the Museums of Decorative Arts. As a tribute to artist Félicien Rops, born in Namur, the provincial museum which is dedicated to him reveals the life of this singular, and sometimes controversial, man who was a painter and illustrator - he decorated the works of many poets like Baudelaire, for example - as well as a cartoonist. The museum houses his most famous work, Pornokrates, also called The Lady with the Pig.
The Place du Marché aux Légumes is the perfect place to take a welcome break and have a bite to eat or have a drink. Many bars and restaurants welcome you there, and among them you’ll find the Ratin-tôt, the oldest café in Namur, since it opened… in 1616.

Namur, cultural capital of Wallonia

Namur hosts various festivals and cultural events. This is probably why many street-art artists have made it a superb playground, embellishing the city with their creations! Don't miss the fresco of the Walloons where the figures most dear to the hearts of the people, both past and present, are represented!

The Delta (former Maison de la Culture) hosts shows and exhibitions throughout the year. This 6000m2 entirely renovated building also feature social spaces, gardens, a panoramic terrace, etc. Ask for the programme! This cultural center is a stone's throw fromEspace Confluence, another highlight in Namur to discover the Sambre, the Meuse, but also the Walloon Parliament and of course the Citadel, with the best view below from the footbridge of the ‘enjambée’.
And let's not forget the most popular event in Namur. Every year, the Walloon festivals commemorate Belgian independence in 1830 with numerous concerts, parades and folkloric events in the city centre of Namur (third Sunday in September).

Your B&B HOTEL Namur near the train station


Ideally located close to the Namur train station and town centre, your B&B HOTEL Namur offers 105 rooms, suitable for business or leisure, connected to a free HD WiFi network.

It's up to you to choose the comfort of your room: double bed, double bed and single beds for children ... check our availability/prices per night on our hotel’s page! Our rooms are equipped with air conditioning and all feature quality bedding, made to measure for our establishment by the greatest French sleep experts. Breakfast is available to you, with all you can eat, at the rate of 15 € per adult/5 € per child.

Arriving by car? The B&B HOTEL de Namur also offers secure parking spaces (on a paid basis: remember to request them when making your booking). And if your four-legged friend is part of the trip, know that our hotel welcomes animals in exchange for a supplementary charge of 6 €.

Also note the presence of a bar: take advantage of our relaxation area for a drink or a quick bite to eat. Your hosts are at your disposal to provide you with the menu of the moment and the terms of access to this service.

Enjoy your stay in Wallonia ... See you soon at your B&B HOTEL Namur!