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  • Lully
  • 14 Jun. 202415 Jun. 2024
    14 Jun.15 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Lully, 1 hotel

Discover our B&B Hotel Lully 3 lakes in Switzerland in the canton of Fribourg. 

Our hotel located near the Restoroute Rose de Broye area is also at the foot of Lake Neuchâtel and is less than an hour from Lausanne!

An inexpensive accommodation solution with 24-hour access and custom-made services.

When staying at our B&B Hôtel Lully 3 lakes, enjoy a modern room and the equipment that will guarantee your optimal comfort: air conditioning, flat-screen TV and private bathroom. Parking is available and we have a charging station for electric cars at your disposal.

Make a stop at our B&B Hotel Lully 3 lakes and discover the landscapes of the Jura.

As a link between Germany and Switzerland, you can enjoy the ideal location of our hotel to explore nature and its Jura treasures. Within French-speaking Switzerland, it is the largest of the Swiss lakes, unlike Lake Geneva and Lake Constance, which are shared with neighbouring countries. Learn more about the history of this lake that is the pride of the Swiss!

To start your day, enjoy our breakfast buffet with fresh fruit and produce. Healthy and full of taste, it suits to your desires and will satisfy both adults and children!

Travelling for business or relaxation: why choose?

In our hotel everything is thought out to make your stay easier: you will find dining solutions within walking distance from the hotel. An exercise and fitness room, with free access for our guests, is available in the hotel.
For those wishing to enjoy the area of the 3 lakes and the surrounding area after a day's work, sports and water activities such as sailing or canoeing are available. Taking walks to discover the local wildlife of the lakes will help you unwind.

B&B Hotel Lully 3 lakes: a hotel for everyone!

Switzerland by bike and a stop in Lully? Please note that we can store your equipment in a specially dedicated room!
With family with children, friends or never without your pets? Our family rooms welcome the most demanding guests (and pets too)!
Quality and at an affordable price ? At the B&B Hôtel Lully 3 lakes, our staff will ensure that your experience in our hotel is the best possible!

Book now on our website and get the best guaranteed rate for your room in the city of Lully .