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Welcome to B&B HOTELS in United Kingdom, 1 hotel

The United Kingdom, an island nation rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes, opens its doors for an unrivalled adventure. From the historic streets of London, where the majestic Buckingham Palace and the iconic Tower Bridge delight the eye, to the mysterious depths of Scotland with the legendary Loch Ness and the majestic Highlands - every corner of this country tells its own fascinating story.

Wales enchants with dramatic castles such as Caernarfon and the wild beauty of Eryri National Park. In England, a lively cultural scene and the world-famous British Museum in London await you, while the romantic landscape of the Lake District invites you to go hiking. Each of these destinations offers a unique backdrop for unforgettable memories.Start your exploration of the UK with B&B HOTELS, where hospitality and comfort will round off your experience.

The 5 most popular destinations in England


London is an undisputed highlight of England and offers an inexhaustible variety of cultural, historical and modern experiences. From Royal Parks to world-class museums such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern in Bankside or the Victoria and Albert Museum.

London impressively combines its rich past with a dynamic present. The city is a melting pot of cultures, which is reflected in its gastronomy, art and music and offers every visitor a unique experience. 
For an uncomplicated arrival and departure and a relaxed stay, book the Colnbrook Hotel London Heathrow Airport.

Lake District

The Lake District is illustrated by its spectacular natural landscape, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its picturesque lakes, forests and mountains, it is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and anyone seeking the nature. Idyllic villages and cosy pubs complete the picture and make the Lake District a perfect retreat from everyday life.


Oxford, the city of magnificent university buildings, enchants visitors with its historic charm. Oxford University, founded in 1096, one of the oldest and most renowned in the world, characterises the cityscape with its impressive colleges and libraries. In addition to the academic institutions, there are numerous museums, galleries and theatres that make Oxford a centre for education and culture.

Oxford England.jpg



Cornwall fascinates with its wild coastal landscape, which is one of the most beautiful in England. The region is known for its stunning beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear waters. Surfers and sailors will find ideal conditions here, while the picturesque fishing villages and the warm hospitality of the locals make every visit unforgettable.


Stratford-upon-Avon is deeply rooted in English history and culture and is inextricably linked with William Shakespeare. Visitors can tour the poet's birthplace, Anne Hathaway Cottage and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. This historic city offers a unique insight into the life and work of one of the world's greatest writers.

England's historic cities: from Bath to York

England's historic cities have emerged from the stories of centuries past, each with its own character and charm. Bath, recognized for its perfectly preserved Roman baths and splendid Georgian architecture, resonates with the history of ancient leisure and elegance.  No less impressive is York, whose medieval walls and imposing York Minster cathedral allow visitors to travel back in time to the England of the Vikings and early kings. Manchester completes this list as a symbol of the industrial revolution, known for its rich cultural past, which lives on today in a lively cultural and music scene.

As Bath offers an invitation to wander through its Palladian crescents and to contemplate the ingenuity of Roman engineering, York beckons with its winding alleyways, lively Shambles market and museums that keep the city's rich history alive. Both cities are ideal destinations for those who want to immerse themselves in historic England and explore its stories, legends and architectural heritage. Each visit will leave you with unforgettable impressions and a deep understanding of English culture and history.


England's scenic diversity: from the Lake District to the Cotswolds

England is a country of outstanding natural beauty that ranges from the breathtaking Lake District with its deep lakes and high peaks to the rolling hills and idyllic villages of the Cotswolds. Beyond the inland treasures, England's stunning coastal scenes, particularly the rugged cliffs and serene beaches of Cornwall and Devon, offer a picturesque counterpoint to its inland siblings. The Cotswolds, on the other hand, offer picturesque landscapes with stone walls and historic manor houses that invite you to take relaxing walks and enjoy tea in traditional English gardens.

These regions exemplify the essence of the English countryside and offer unique insights into rural life in England. Whether exploring the dramatic scenery of the Lake District or strolling through the charming villages of the Cotswolds, you will be charmed by the beauty and tranquillity of these areas.Both offer perfect retreats from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and plenty of photo opportunities and memories that will stay with you for a long time.

Scotland: a region of castles and lochs

Scotland, a country whose rugged beauty is distinguised by dramatic castles and mirror-like lochs, offers an unparalleled backdrop for adventure and relaxation. The country is steeped in history, which comes to life in the mighty walls of its castles - from Edinburgh Castle, which towers majestically over the capital, to the mysterious Loch Ness, home of the legendary monster. The Scottish Highlands, with their endless moor and heathland landscapes, invite you to go on discovery tours where you can experience the wild nature and the warm hospitality of the locals.

The beauty of Scotland is deeply rooted in its barren landscape and the numerous, often deserted lochs, which exude an atmosphere of mystical serenity. Whether on a hike through the breathtaking Highlands or a cosy afternoon in one of the historic villages, Scotland enchants every visitor with its unique charm and unspoilt nature.


Wales: A journey through the land of dragons

Wales, the land of dragons, is a place full of myths and legends, surrounded by natural beauty and a deep-rooted Celtic culture. The Welsh landscape is represented by impressive castles such as Caernarfon and Conwy, which proudly tell of their rich history. The Welsh national parks, most notably Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park, provide the perfect backdrop for hikers and nature lovers with their breathtaking mountains and valleys. The Welsh coast, with its picturesque bays and spectacular cliffs, invites you to go on unforgettable discovery tours

Equally fascinating is the cultural heritage of Wales with its living traditions, music and the Welsh language.

Traveling through Wales is an invitation to immerse yourself in the past, be enchanted by the landscape and experience the warm hospitality of the Welsh people. Whether exploring the many historical sites, savouring the local cuisine or simply relaxing in the unspoilt countryside, Wales offers countless opportunities to discover its beauty and culture.

Cuisine and culture: savour the best of Great Britain

The UK offers a wide range of culinary delights, from traditional dishes such as fish and chips and haggis to modern fusion cuisine. The culinary scene is vibrant and diverse, emphasising fresh, local ingredients and innovative concepts. London in particular is renowned for its international cuisine and is home to several Michelin starred restaurants. Cultural events, from world-famous music festivals such as Glastonbury to the traditional Scottish Highland Games, reflect the country's diverse cultural landscape. Theatre performances in London's West End, art galleries in Liverpool and literary festivals in Hay-on-Wye offer cultural highlights for all tastes throughout the year.

The combination of culinary delights and cultural events offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the United Kingdom. A visit to one of the many pubs or restaurants, often located in the heart of the communities, is not only a chance to sample local specialities but also to immerse yourself in the local culture. Every meal and every performance tells the story of this fascinating country and its people, who are proud of their traditions while breaking new ground.

Useful tips for your trip

The United Kingdom has a lot to offer and with good preparation, your trip can be smooth and enriching. From sampling local specialities to visiting world-famous attractions, these tips will help you make the most of your time in the UK.

  • Check your travel documents: Please ensure you check entry requirements as the UK is no longer a member of the European Union.
  • Oyster Card for London: The Oyster Card is an inexpensive option for public transport in the capital.
  • Dress for the weather: The weather in the UK can change quickly, so pack versatile clothing.
  • Regional public holidays: Find out about local public holidays to get a great insight into the local culture, but also to help you plan your stay.
  • Socket adaptors: The UK uses type G sockets, so bringing an adaptor is advisable.
  • Mobile data and Wi-Fi: Check roaming charges and Wi-Fi availability, especially for longer stays.
  • Local means of payment: Although credit cards are widely accepted, it is helpful to have some local cash with you for smaller expenses.Keep in mind that the Pound Sterling is the prevailing currency.
  • Travel insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended to cover you against unforeseen events.
  • Emergency numbers: Save local emergency numbers and the address of your embassy or consulate.


At home away from home: B&B HOTELS in England

Located close to Heathrow International Airport, the Colnbrook Hotel London Heathrow Airport offers travellers comfortable and accessible accommodation that is ideal for a stopover or as a base for exploring London and the UK. With modern rooms designed for both business and leisure travellers, the hotel focuses on convenience and efficiency without compromising on personal service and comfort. With our online system, you can also easily book and check in online

The hotel's facilities include free Wi-Fi so that guests can stay connected during their stay and comfortable beds for a good night's sleep. The rooms are also soundproofed to ensure a quiet atmosphere despite the proximity to the airport. The Colnbrook Hotel knows how to create a warm and welcoming environment that makes guests feel at home.

With its location at Heathrow and therefore in close proximity to the airport hub, it is the ideal base for exploring. From here, travellers can take advantage of the many transport links to discover London and its many attractions. Whether it's a visit to the city centre, a business trip or onward travel to other parts of the UK, the Colnbrook Hotel London Heathrow Airport serves as a convenient base.

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