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Welcome to B&B HOTELS in Hungary, 1 hotel

Are you looking for a hotel in Hungary? Our B&B HOTEL Budapest City with a view over the Danube, is the right solution for your holidays, business travels or even just for a weekend. It is located in Budapest in the heart of the Hungarian capital, and it allows you to discover the unmissable Hungarian places at low prices.

Discover Hungary, land of the Danube

The starting point to discover Hungary is certainly its capital, Budapest. It is located in the heart of the country and divided into two areas by the Danube. Budapest is an elegant and vibrant city, marked by its charm from the past and its rich culture. Budapest is a city waiting to be explored, which is rich in nature, history, possibilities for relaxation and tourist attractions. Just one hour from Budapest is Lake Balaton, nicknamed the Hungarian Sea because of its size, where you can spend sunny days or take a long walk. To the south of the Great Plain region, you can visit the city of Szeged, famed for its cathedral, the Palator Roft, the new synagogue, and its rich gastronomy. For nature and animal lovers there is the Hortobágy National Park, plunged into the Hungarian agricultural region and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lovers of good wine can sample the famous Tokaj, the wine of the Kings, from the homonymous wine region in northeastern Hungary.

A budget stay in Hungary

By booking at B&B HOTEL Budapest City, you will always have a room with excellent quality and good prices. From the B&B HOTEL Budapest City, perfectly located close to the city centre, you will experience its culture, fine food, Hungarian architecture and many cultural and creative events. Don’t miss the wonders of the city known as “The Paris of the East” and for good reason! Book your stay now and dive into Hungarian culture: castles, buildings, bridges, baths, museums, churches and gardens… in Budapest, nothing is missing!

Book a hotel room in Budapest, Hungary

The B&B HOTEL Budapest City offers various services to help you have a pleasant stay in the picturesque city of Budapest. Thanks to B&B HOTELS’ comforts and services, you can enjoy incredible moments in a room designed for all types of travellers: alone, with your partner, family or friends. Enjoy our common areas, where you can work and have breakfast or relax on the rooftop terrace enjoying the spectacular view of the Danube and the capital.

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