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  • Braunschweig
  • 13 Jun. 202414 Jun. 2024
    13 Jun.14 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Braunschweig, 2 hotels

The “lion city” of Braunschweig

Discover up to 30 medieval sights within easy reach of the affordable B&B HOTEL Braunschweig. In the historic city centre you can admire sights such as the Burgplatz square, the old-town market, numerous churches such as St. Martini, the Alte Waage timbered house or medieval Kemenaten buildings. Don’t miss the Braunschweig State Museum, which houses the oldest Jewish museum in the world. Welcome to Braunschweig!

B&B HOTEL in Braunschweig – lively city of culture

With around 245,000 citizens, Braunschweig is the largest region in terms of area between the capital and Hanover. On closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear that the city of Braunschweig is characterized by a lively coexistence of traditional, historical, current and future-oriented modern development.

The city has gained its own identity through the continuous development of the cultural, scientific and technological landscape. The entire area surrounding Braunschweig is correspondingly multifaceted due to its historical, artistic and economic focus.

Braunschweig - a city between history and modernity

A particularly fruitful symbiosis develops here. The center of Braunschweig has numerous attractions to offer. The spectrum ranges from traditions from the time when the city was founded to the youthful style of the RIZZI Happy House.

Those who find themselves in Braunschweig will discover interesting buildings and, of course, typical timber-framed houses that are well preserved in the city. Many small tips about the history of the city can be found near the sights.

Whether a day trip, a weekend trip or as a business traveler, we would be happy to welcome you to our centrally located B&B HOTEL Braunschweig-City. From here you are only a few minutes from the train station and about one kilometer from the city centre. You will find a free parking space (subject to availability) directly in front of our hotel in Braunschweig and it is about a 15-minute drive from Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport. In this accommodation we offer our guests air-conditioned hotel rooms (single rooms, double rooms and family rooms) with free high-speed Wi-Fi including Sky TV.

Overnight in Brunswick: Memories of Heinrich the Lion

The legendary Heinrich the Lion is remembered everywhere in the city. Whoever visits the simple Knappen Saal on the ground floor of the palace is greeted by a blaze of bronze splendor. However, many of the local princes and episcopal dignitaries also created many impressive total works of art and castles that we can enjoy today. Due to the reconstruction of the Herzog Anton-Ulrich-Museum, a trip to the castle complex is particularly useful because a large part of the exhibits there have been moved there.

For example, the very interesting portraits of princes in the castle provide exciting information about the fate of the personalities of the time. The enchanting architecture still bears witness to the revealing history of the city and provides every visitor to the city of Braunschweig with impressive images.

For culture and art lovers, the old town offers various multifaceted buildings and historical buildings that were already built in the 12th century. A sightseeing tour through Braunschweig reveals the Martinkirche, which as a basilica reflects the age of romanticism.

Experience the ambience in Braunschweig – bars and restaurants with style

The city of Braunschweig has various culinary highlights for its guests to offer, which can be recommended. With the OX US Steakhouse located at Güldenstr. 7 is a very special experience, which offers an exquisite menu ranging from Wagyu beef to grilled king prawns.

Of course, the city also thinks of those who like to do without meat and so there are some vegetarian restaurants with traditional dishes. For example, the "BRODOCZ" restaurant has wonderful vegetarian delicacies on the menu and various vegan recommendations.

If you would like to find yourself in a bar after dinner, you have a good chance of finding a suitable atmosphere in Braunschweig. From cocktails in the Heat Cocktail Bar (Südstr.18) to the Craft Bier Bar Braunschweig (Steinweg 34), there are two hip places in the city. Those who would like to end it in a more upscale way have the option of experiencing great atmospheres in Braunschweig directly with the small cafe (bar) Bacio in the city center or the Barnabys Blues Bar (Ölschlägern 20).

Whether traveling alone, family excursions or business travelers - Braunschweig offers all its guests a suitable night-out experience with its wide range of going-out and leisure activities.

Braunschweig hotels – overnight stays for business travelers

Business trips to Braunschweig are not uncommon, as the city certainly has an economic focus. Our B&B HOTEL in Braunschweig offer you the perfect location to plan your business trip depending on where you are in Braunschweig. The city has all the necessary transport, motorway and road connections to travel easily from A to B and to reach your business appointments in the shortest possible time.

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport is only a few minutes' drive from our B&B HOTEL Braunschweig-Nord. We offer our guests free high-speed Wi-Fi and Sky TV in our hotel rooms (single or double rooms). Of course, our room facilities also include air conditioning. For only €10.50 you get access to the breakfast buffet and you will find additional vending machines for snacks and drinks in the lobby.

Sights in Braunschweig