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  • Zurich Hotel B&B
  • 10/05/202111/05/2021
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B&B Hotels in Zurich, 2 hotels

Whether on a family holiday or a business trip in the financial capital of Switzerland, discover the many sights of the city!

Your holidays in Switzerland

Feel like spending a week or a few days exploring the Canton of Zurich? Here are a few suggestions from B&B Hotels to help you travel through this region at your own pace, whether with family, friends or as a couple.

Spending 2 or 3 days in Zurich

For travellers with a chance to stay a few days in the city, take a walk around Lake Zurich and enjoy a different perspective of the city.

For the more athletic, the many peaks in the Zurich region await you! The tourism office of the city also organises climbing tours of the Kaferberg or the Uetliberg.

For climbers who want to go a little farther away, Switzerland is full of summits offering unique views over the surrounding cantons.

Visit Old Zurich

To get a better sense of this historic Swiss city, take a stroll through the old part of the city and its many buildings featuring a unique architecture.

To get you started, discover a haven of peace in the heart of the city at the Grossmünster church, or also visit the Fraumünster church.

The small streets of the old town are lined with houses and buildings representing an architectural period that marked the city of Zurich.

An evening at the Zurich Opera

You travel to Switzerland with the express intent of going to a concert or you want to take in a show at the Opernhaus Opera. Opened in 1891, this emblematic culture house of the Canton of Zurich offers weekly events—enjoy the program and experience an unforgettable evening.

Discover Zurich’s museums

Are you visiting Zurich on business or a stopover between flights? The city is full of many exceptional places that are all easily accessible, so why not enjoy the day visiting some of the many museums. To name but two, there’s the Swiss National Museum, which traces the culture and history of the country, and the Kunsthaus Gallery, repository of art collections that go from the 15th century to the present day. You might also consider the Rietberg Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. For connoisseurs and the most seasoned art lovers, check out the Design Museum, the Visionary Museum or the Haus Konstruktiv Museum.

Leisure travel in Zurich, Switzerland : check out our tips

Whatever the season, Switzerland offers a wide range of activities be it in summer or winter. Discover the richness of this country located in the heart of Europe. For holidays or other trips to Switzerland, opt to stay in Zurich. Your business trip to the Swiss financial capital provides the perfect opportunity to explore and tour the region.

Things to do in Zurich

If you’re visiting the area on business, enjoy your on-site evenings with a meal out that includes a breath-taking view of Lake Zurich and perhaps some local fish.

Other gourmet options might include a lunch or dinner sampling some of the many dishes that highlight the Swiss cheeses.

For nature lovers, there are plenty green spaces throughout the city.

Book your stay in Zurich with B&B Hotels

To choose the best hotel in Zurich, B&B hotels welcome you to their accommodations whether you are on a business trip or a tourist stay in Switzerland. Choose our B&B Hotel Zurich Airport Rumlang or our B&B Hotel Zurich East Wallisellen!