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  • Almería
  • 17 Jul. 202418 Jul. 2024
    17 Jul.18 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Almería, 1 hotel

A heavenly destination 

Almeria is mainly known for the extraordinary beauty of its coast. If you want to be near the sea, you have come to the right place! Book at B&B Hotel Almería Vícar, and stay just 20 minutes away from the capital. Characterized by its impressive landscapes, archaeological footprint and dreamlike atmosphere, it is the ideal place to spend a vacation that will be the envy of all. 


The best beaches on the peninsula

If you are looking for a real breathtaking paradise, you can't miss Los Genoveses, the beach where the desert meets the sea. It is without a doubt, one of the most famous beaches in Almeria and one of the best virgin beaches in Spain. 

Are you a fan of Lawrence of Arabia or Indiana Jones? Then you have to visit the emblematic Playa de Mónsul! Due to its unique beauty, it has been the scene of many films, series, commercials and music videos. You will be surprised by the dunes and the lava tongues that extend to the sea eroded by the waves. It is not a big beach, but what a spectacular place! 

If you are more adventurous, we suggest you visit Cala de Enmedio. You can get there by taking the path around the mountain or by taking the kayak route. It is so worth it that one of the articles in the New York Times makes reference to its great beauty. A true paradise! 

Family plan? El Playazo de Rodalquilar is what you need! It has an easy access, with very soft and fine sand and calm water with a progressive entry. Ideal for letting the children play non-stop while enjoying the incredible views of the mountains and San Ramon Castle. 

Leaving from your hotel in Vicar, you only have to take the A-7 to reach any of these magnificent beaches in less than an hour! 


Hollywood style experience in Desierto de Tabernas

Only 30 minutes away from your hotel in Vicar, you can find Desierto de Tabernas. Not only is it one of the few deserts in Europe, but it is also complemented by several architectural attractions such as Castillo de Tabernas, Poblado de Terrera Ventura and Ermita de San Sebastián. Its landscape is so fascinating that it has been the scene of multiple recordings of western films, including those still being shot internationally by the Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood film studio. 

You can also fall in love again Hollywood style with its sunsets. You will find one of the best here! The Cabo de Gata lighthouse is an iconic place, as it receives thousands of visitors every year to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets. It also has other coves around it, so you can complement your visit with a swim in its shores while enjoying a wonderful view. 


A walk through history

The main and most visited monument is the Alcazaba. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest, this walled enclosure stands on the hill of San Cristobal and dominates the whole city and bay with its imposing presence, thus becoming a symbol of Almeria.

Another must, is the Catedral de Almería, located in the Historical Center. It is not just any cathedral, it is a cathedral-fortress built to defend the city from pirate attacks. It is the only one in Andalusia and one of the few that exist in Spain. It is also an architectural delight, as it mixes features of late gothic and renaissance, with baroque and neoclassical influences. 


Experience the Almeria Fair

To honor the Virgin of the Sea, it is celebrated in the second week of August and for 9 days, the most popular festival in the city. Some of the events that take place are the petanque championship, swimming across the port, the Feria del Mediodía and if you like flamenco, you can't miss the Festival de los Pueblos Ibéricos and Mediterráneo which is also held during the fair and brings together some of the best international artists of this genre. Don't miss it, book the best hotel, at the best price with B&B Hotels!