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  • Genova
  • 12 Apr. 202413 Apr. 2024
    12 Apr.13 Apr.
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B&B Hotels in Genova, 3 hotels

Discover Genova

Located in the central part of the gulf of the same name, Genoa overlooks the Ligurian Sea with its port and many squares and architectural beauties that make it a pleasant city to live in and discover. Genoa offers a vast panorama of churches, monuments and museums to visit but also organizes numerous international festivals of music, science and art.

Its aquarium is the second largest in Europe and attracts large and small lovers of the sea.

If you are looking for the ideal hotel to explore the city, the B&B Hotel Genova Principe is for you: book now!

Where to book in Genoa

For your business trips or leisure stays, B&B Hotel Genova Principe combines comfort and quality services in a single solution. Situated in the direct vicinity of the Piazza Principe railway station, it is only one kilometre from the Aquarium and the historic centre. Easy to reach from the motorway exit, the B&B Hotel Genova Principe is served by the underground and several bus lines.

Or discover the B&B Hotel Genova City Center, right in the city center: hotels in Genoa double!

Near the sea

If you are looking for a destination close to the sea, you just have to discover the B&B HOTELS Park Hotel Suisse in Santa Margherita Ligure, a wonderful 4-star hotel in the historic centre of Santa Margherita Ligure, 5 minutes from the beach with a seawater swimming pool. This enchanting location is also suitable for business stays thanks to its two meeting and conference rooms, and a wonderful bistro bar completes the offer.

History and curiosities

Although its origins can be traced back to a small Neolithic settlement, the city is still known today as "La Superba" because for five centuries it founded emporiums throughout the Mediterranean and exercised its commercial power as a powerful Maritime Republic. Genoa is credited with many inventions, such as pesto and focaccia genovese, blue-jeans, the game of lottery and, in conjunction with other Italian cities, the aperitif. In this city were born personalities of ancient fame such as Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Mazzini, Niccolò Paganini, and more recently notorious as Fabrizio De André, Eugenio Montale and Renzo Piano.

For your walks

Forward through the typical Genoese alleys, called carruggi, and reach the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which you will recognize by the fourteenth-century black and white striped facade. Head to the Doge's Palace, the former seat of the doges and senators and now a large complex dedicated to cultural events and exhibitions. Stop and admire the large, convivial Fontana in Piazza De Ferrari and continue towards the Carlo Felice Theatre. If you are passionate about history, nearby you can visit the house of Christopher Columbus. If you feel the call of nature, Genoa gives you the opportunity to take long walks in its parks. Beyond the Parco Urbano delle Mura, the city's real green lung, you can choose the beautiful route of the Walk Anita Garibaldi and reach the Parks Nervi, where the gardens of three ancient villas extend over 9 hectares. When you get hungry, you will have the opportunity to enter one of the many centuries-old shops and enjoy a delicious focaccia genovese.

Monuments and places of interest

76 m high, the Lantern is the port lighthouse of the city, as well as one of its symbols. Once you have climbed its 172 steps, you have the opportunity to enjoy a unique view over the whole of Genoa and the sea that bathes the coast. In the heart of the historic centre is the village of Boccadasse with its picturesque colourful boats: a small gem that preserves the flavour of an ancient maritime village. UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palazzi dei Rolli are 42 splendid historic buildings, once noble residences and now home to public institutions and offices. The Acquario di Genova houses over 70 marine environments and about 12,000 specimens of 600 species from all over the world. Being his hometown, architect Renzo Piano paid homage to Genoa with all his creativity by designing, on the occasion of the 1992 Colombiadi, the Big Bigo and, in conjunction with the G8, a giant metal and glass sphere, installed in the waters of the port and containing the reproduction of a tropical habitat.


At the end of April, the Supernova Festival transforms the ancient port of Genoa into a great stage, where bands from all over Italy entertain the general public to the sound of independent music. The notes of the staff continue to resonate throughout the month of September with the Mediterranean Festival and at the end of October with the Paganini Genova Festival, three days dedicated to the figure of the great Genoese violinist. Between October and November, the Festival della Scienza tells the story of science in an innovative and engaging way, while at the turn of November and December the big screen lights up and the Genova Film Festival kicks off.