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  • Granada
  • 27 May 202428 May 2024
    27 May28 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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Hotels in Granada | B&B HOTELS, 2 hotels

Granada is a city unparalleled in Spain for its historical sights and attractions. The city also boasts a thriving flamenco scene, vibrant nightlife, and an ideal location for excursions to the Costa Tropical with some of the most beautiful tiny villages, the Costa del Sol and the Sierra Nevada – the most important destination for winter sports in Spain. Checking into a Granada hotel will open up a Spanish holiday experience like no other.

Living history from your hotel in Granada

Historic Granada was the seat of the last great Muslim kingdom in Spain, and still bears the signs of the emirs’ legacy. The fortress-palace of the Alhambra, Spain’s most visited tourist attraction, the old Moorish and Jewish quarters of Albayzín and Realejo, as well as the sacred Gypsy enclave of Sacromonte are all reminders of the city’s cosmopolitan past. 

The Albayzín quarter, for example, has retained its Moorish character, with many of its cármenes, mansions with spacious courtyards, open to the public. The Mirador de San Nicolás offers a stunning view of the Alhambra framed by the Sierra Nevada. In Sacromonte, a tour of the zambras will take you to informal flamenco performances performed in lavishly outfitted caves. 

The Alhambra

Granada’s defining feature is the palatial fortress that overlooks the city, which was the last bastion of the Muslim kings in Iberia. The approach is steep, but buses and taxis can take you from your accommodation in Granada to the entrance. Tickets are given for a particular time and allow access to the three parts of the complex, the original fortress, or Alcazaba, the palaces of the Nasrid kings, and the Generalife, the summer palace. The site is the best remaining example of Islamic architecture in Spain, with the Arabesque designs and the intricate gardens and water features.

Tapas and festivals

One of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the culinary scene in Granada, along with its bars, is by taking advantage of the practice of providing a complimentary tapa with each drink. Washing each delicacy down with a small glass of beer and repeating the process makes for an enjoyable evening. Calle de Elvira and Calle Navas are both ideal settings for this, both of which are easily accessible from your hotel near Granada.

Granada comes together for a number of festivals throughout the year: the fairgrounds host the Feria del Corpus Christi, a week of bullfights, dancing and street theatre 60 days after Easter. The International Festival of Music and Dance is three weeks of festivities on the Alhambra through June and July.

Granada is a truly unique city that will win you over with its vibrant culture and storied past. Make sure to book your hotel in Granada with B&B Hotels today!