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  • Varese
  • 23 Jun. 202424 Jun. 2024
    23 Jun.24 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotels in Varese, 1 hotel

Discover Varese

Thanks to its numerous gardens, Varese has earned itself the nickname of Garden-City. Here you can experience the city not only from architectural beauties, but especially enjoying the beautiful public parks, equipped for games and picnics, green areas rich in biodiversity and trees. In the surroundings of Varese there are not only villages such as Arcumeggia, Boarezzo and Marchirolo, which are real open-air museums, but there are also many paths dedicated to trekking, cycling and water sports. If you do not want to miss Varese and the spectacular landscapes of Lake Maggiore, book your stay at the B&B Hotel Malpensa Lake Maggiore!

Where to book in Varese

If you are looking for the best hotel to visit Varese and Lake Maggiore, the B&B Hotel Malpensa Lake Maggiore is the ideal solution for the needs of the whole family or for your business trips. Easy to reach by train or motorway, it is located a few kilometers from the Natural Park of Ticino, Lake Maggiore and the international airport of Milan Malpensa. Thanks to its proximity to the border with Switzerland, it is also recommended for those who want to reach the places of the Canton Ticino.

History and curiosities

Varese is surrounded by seven lakes. Because of this very special feature, the ancient Celts called it vara (water), which was then added over time the ending that completes the name today. The first traces of a settlement in the area date back to 5,200 BC as evidenced by the piles on the Isolino Virginia still perfectly preserved. Its period of greatest splendour was the eighteenth century when Maria Teresa granted Varese as a personal feud to Francesco III d'Este.

For your walks

Inaugurates the tour from the Basilica of San Vittore and its baptistery, continues with the visit of Palazzo Estense and its beautiful garden, reach the Ville Ponti, remembered for being the headquarters of Garibaldi in 1859, and Villa Toeplitz a small architectural jewel made sumptuous by a banker of Polish origin who bought it in 1914. The ascent to Sacro Monte is a perfect destination for those who are trained to walk. For those who want to enjoy the view from above without having to work too hard, they can use the funicular. Nature lovers have a lot to take in. They can go on excursions on foot or by bike through the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, or practice water sports on the shores of Lake Varese and Lake Maggiore.

Monuments and places of interest

Described by Giacomo Leopardi as "the little Versailles", Palazzo Estense has an immense park of secular trees, which extends for 56 thousand square meters and houses specimens of trees more than a century old. Entrusted to FAI for a project of conservation of the Fine Arts, Villa Menafoglio Litta is a temple for art lovers. In addition to international exhibitions, the palace houses works by Dan Flavin, James Turell and Mark Rothko, in a collection tells since the '50s by its owner Giuseppe Panza di Biumo. A religious destination and a destination not to be missed when visiting Varese is the Via Sacra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which connects the city to the Sanctuary through fourteen 17th century chapels.


Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the lyrical music resonates in the splendid frames of the Estensi gardens, the Estense hall and the Basilica of San Vittore. This is the VaresEstense festival, which every year stages a rich program of performances, concerts of operatic music and events dedicated to fans. At the end of June Microcosmi is held, an event created to bring together artists, musicians, writers, photographers, designers and craftsmen, who tell the public through their works and performances. In November the city welcomes Glocalnews, one of the major festivals of journalism that looks at the world through the eyes of opinion leaders, influencers, politicians, top international users.