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  • Budapest
  • 25 May 202426 May 2024
    25 May26 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Budapest, 1 hotel

Discover our B&B Hotel in the centre of Budapest

Are you looking for accommodation close to the Budapest city centre? Discover our B&B Hotel Budapest City on the bank of the Danube River near the city centre!
B&B Hotel Budapest City is a three-star hotel in the 9th district, 3 km from the centre of Budapest in 15 minutes by public transportation or 30 minutes by walk. Many of the B&B Hotel Budapest City rooms have a wonderful view of Gellért Hill and the Danube River, located a 3-minute walk away.
If you land at Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport and you are looking for an easy-access hotel, B&B Hotel Budapest City is the perfect solution because it is less than 20 km from the airstrip.
Discover the major attractions as well as the most secret and unusual places of Budapest: This European capital city has carefully preserved its old time charm and it is characterised by wide avenues, lush parks and wonderful baths.
So don’t wait any longer: book your stay now at our low-cost hotel in Budapest!

Things to do in Budapest

Our location on the banks of the Danube and close to the Corvin-negyed subway station allows you to experience the best of what Budapest has to offer: you can relax in one of the thermal baths of the city, the closest being Gellért; in winter you can skate in the park behind the Piazza degli Eroi; you can learn Csángó, a typical Hungarian dance; you can take a guided tour of the Parliament with its 691 rooms; you can explore Buda Castle, also known as Sisi’s favourite residence; you can take a cruise down the Danube River, you can walk around Andrássy út, the city’s avenue with its restaurants and retro cafes in Belle Epoque style; you can spend a night at Szimpla Kert, considered the third most beautiful pub in the world, you can eat at the Nagy Market, the oldest market in Budapest; and finally, you can go to the Sziget Festival in August. 

What to see in Budapest during your stay

Here are some of the highlights: the Buda District, the oldest part of the city where the Royal Palace is located; the Pest District, which is the modern and innovative part of the city, where the Parliament Building is found, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Great Synagogue, the ethnographic museum; the Museum of Fine Arts with works by Giotto, Tiepolo, Titian, and Raphael; the thermal baths of Budapest; Margaret Island with its beautiful parks, gardens, and baths; the Chain Bridge and the funicular that leads to the castle and Royal Palace.

Where and What to eat in Budapest?

The first place we suggest you taste Hungarian delicacies is the Central Market Hall, the oldest and largest of the capital, a 15-minute walk from B&B Hotel Budapest City. It is a riot of flavours, colours and aromas. Here you can taste langòs, a fried sweet or savoury bread that you can season to taste. One of the most famous dishes from the Hungarian culinary repertoire is goulash, a soup made with paprika, onions, bovine meat, potatoes and carrots, and you can find it in every restaurant in town. We also recommend other local specialities such as szalámi, which is a cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat; paprikáscsirke, chicken paprika; toltottkáposzt, stuffed cabbage with rice and pork and hortobágyi húsos palacsinta, which is a savoury Hungarian crêpe filled with meat. As for dessert, you cannot miss typical sweets: Gerbeaud cake, Esterházy cake and Dobos cake