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What is Green Friday?

Green Friday is a worldwide alternative to Black Friday that seeks to raise awareness about responsible consumption and orient it towards a sustainable act with the environment and people. 


How does B&B HOTELS contribute to Green Friday?

B&B HOTELS is a company that prioritises people, our surroundings and the environment. We see Green Friday as an opportunity to involve our customers in making a positive impact on the world and our local community.

Therefore, from 25th November until 30th December, we will donate 5% of the sales on our website every Friday to the sponsorship of two girls' and boys' teams from the San Sebastián de los Reyes Sports Clubs Association, the municipality where our headquarters are located. After a vote among all our employees, this initiative was the winner and we are delighted to carry it out. 

Sport reflects and promotes one of our main values: inclusion. Under the slogan "Only for Everyone", we want to convey that everyone is welcome in our hotels and that we work for fairness and diversity. We are taking this integration to our community by collaborating with the San Sebastián de los Reyes Sports Clubs Association to break the gender gap in sport and promote healthy habits among the youngest members of the community.



The San Sebastián de los Reyes Sports Clubs Association arose from the need to join forces, ideas, values and vision in order to strengthen and empower the local sports clubs. It is made up of more than 9,000 users who are represented in the different sports clubs in the municipality.

Its aim is to provide support, resources and experience, so that the clubs are more agile, stronger and can go further, but above all so that sportsmen and women can fulfil their dreams and develop as individuals. 

Sanse Volleyball Club

Sanse's federated fry team is made up of 10 girls aged 11 who come from local schools. They have all spent several years in the club's school participating in the Sanse municipal leagues.

The team is making its debut this year in the first autonomous division, with the sporting objective of maintaining the category achieved last season. However, the most important objective is undoubtedly to gain experience playing against the best teams in Madrid and to grow as people and athletes. They are in the first step to develop their sporting future and that is why it is one of the most important teams in the club. Taking care of the base is taking care of the future.

Juventud Sanse Football Club

Juventud Sanse is the club with the most players in the northern part of the Community of Madrid, who are given adequate training based not only on sporting performance, but also on education.

It has recently been awarded the 7 stars of the Community of Madrid in the category of "Sportsmanship". A benchmark in women's football, which seems to have no limits, with more and more teams and players every year.