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  • Ferrara
  • 18 May 202419 May 2024
    18 May19 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Ferrara, 1 hotel

Exploring Ferrara

Ferrara is a magnificent city of art that preserves the spirit of the Renaissance of which it is one of the most symbolic locations. Walking through the city streets it is possible to admire the city’s glorious past and its sparkling present, packed full of surprises. The Este family governed Ferrara for three centuries and the city still preserves the structure of that time. Its buildings and walls, which still exude a medieval atmosphere, attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. This is a beauty that is also confirmed by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Este castle, taste the typical cappelletti pasta and then uncover all the secrets of this magical city, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, staying in the B&B Hotel Ferrara!

Where to book in Ferrara

Are you looking for somewhere inexpensive to stay in Ferrara that’s close to the city centre? Welcome to B&B Hotel Ferrara, we’re looking forward to welcoming you! Located just a few minutes away from Ferrara's historic town centre, the Trade Fair district and the city's major sports facilities, the B&B Hotel Ferrara offers you the utmost in comfort whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure. A stay in the B&B Hotel Ferrara is a way of experiencing the magic of the renaissance, with the major artistic output that took place under the rule of the Este family. This is in addition to sampling the delicious dishes of the Emilia region.

History and urbanism

Ferrara is more than just a city of art and culture, there’s also nature, entertainment and good wine. Whether on foot or on a bicycle, you’ll find a way of becoming breathless on Italy’s longest cycle path. A total of 125 kilometres along the right hand bank of the Po River, from Stellata di Bondeno to Gorino Ferrarese. One form of refreshment after such strenuous activity, and perhaps one that is not to be found in the manuals of perfect athletes, is Europe’s oldest wine bar, right here in Ferrara, and it is well worth a visit: it dates as far back as 1435.


Ferrara offers plenty of opportunities for outings beyond the city boundaries. A destination that is of great interest is the Po Delta Park, where you can surround yourself with nature and observe the different species that inhabit the area, such as the famous pink flamingos, walking along approved pathways with the utmost respect to both the flora and fauna.


Ferrara never ceases to amaze. An absolute must are the numerous museums that contain a jaw-dropping quantity of works of outstanding quality. Inside Palazzo Costabili you’ll find the remains of the fabulous city of Spina, and evidence of Greek and Etruscan civilizations. The great paintings of the 15th and 16th centuries are to be found in Palazzo dei Diamanti, which, with its extraordinary beauty, remains one of the city’s most visited attractions.


Ferrara comes alive particularly during spring and autumn. The Palio of St. George is held in March and the entire city dresses up in Renaissance costume to transport visitors back to ancient times. Another very popular event is the Ferrara Buskers Festival, with street artists and musicians who liven up the streets during the last week of August. Many of the prestigious exhibitions that are held in Palazzo dei Diamanti take place above all in the period between March and September.