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  • Villach Hotel B&B
  • 20/05/202221/05/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Experience the city of Villach and beautiful nature, 1 hotel

Villach is a picturesque town in the province of Carinthia in Austria. Situated at the river Drau, Villach attracts numerous visitors with its charm and nature. The second largest city of Carinthia convinces with a green landscape and varied lakes. In the surroundings of Villach you will find the Faaker See, the Ossiacher See, the Silbersee and the Aichwaldsee. Also remarkable is the commitment that the city of Villach shows. In 2014, it was named "Alpine Town of the Year" due to its efforts in environmental protection and renewable energies, and in the same year it received the title of "European City of Reformation". Visit the city of Villach and discover all the advantages of the region. In the B&B Hotel Villach you will stay overnight close to the center and in comfort. 

In addition to numerous culinary highlights of the Austrian cuisine, the city of Villach offers you some places worth discovering. At the Nikolaiplatz is the Nikolai Church Villach, built in neo-gothic style. At the main square of Villach you will find the church St. Jakob, whose steeple with a height of 94m is the highest steeple in Carinthia. Do not miss the beautiful view over the city of Villach from the tower. In the former Palais Crusiz, the Villach City Museum offers you the unique opportunity to get to know the history of the region. In addition there are exciting special exhibitions every year. In the city park of Villach you will find peace and relaxation. In the middle of the lush green of the trees benches invite you to linger.