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Welcome to B&B HOTELS in Switzerland, 10 hotels

Thanks to B&B HOTELS in Switzerland, you can book one of your hotels in Switzerland

Book your stay in Switzerland

Whether you are on a business trip, on holiday or just in need of a place to stay for a stopover, we have many affordable hotels in Switzerland to meet your needs.

From Geneva and the canton of Vaud (Lausanne) to that of St. Gallen, and from the canton of Basel to that of Lucerne, there will be a hotel to welcome you!
Discover our hotels in Lully, Rothrist-Olten, Oftringen, Basel, St. Gallen and our Zurich hotels and not to mention Nyon, to find the right hotel for you. 

Take advantage of your stay to discover everything Switzerland has to offer.

Our hotel rooms in Switzerland

Our establishments welcome you all year round and always at the best price for relaxing nights.

Whatever your reason for travelling, our establishments in Oftringen and Rothrist-Olten offer comfortable, fully-equipped rooms with everything you could possibly need for a refreshing night’s sleep. All of our rooms have all the amenities you need to feel at home: quality bedding, flat-screen TV with Chromecast, free and unlimited high-speed WiFi, an en-suite bathroom and much more to discover upon arrival.

For your business trips in Switzerland, we offer double rooms that are perfect for resting up after a long day of work. Our hotels in Basel (Basel) and St. Gallen offer a bar, a welcoming and relaxing place.
If you are travelling with your partner, family or friends, you can choose between our triple rooms and 4-person rooms, perfect if you are looking for a bit more space to relax after a day of sightseeing in Lausanne.

Our establishments are designed to welcome all travellers. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book one of our rooms adapted to people with limited mobility.

Our hotels are easy to get to from the major Swiss motorways, train stations and airports, making them perfect for stopovers.
For your stopover evenings or breaks on the road, our B&B HOTEL Lully 3 Lacs will be ideal as it is located on a motorway.

Take advantage of the time of your holiday in Switzerland to discover the Alps and the magnificent panoramas that dot the landscape. It is also an opportunity to stroll along the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, to discover the greatest medieval buildings of the families that made Switzerland famous. Stay close to Lake Geneva in one of our hotels in Geneva and Nyon.
Please note that all our budget B&B HOTELS in Switzerland accept your pets for an additional fee.

Our hotels in Zurich will meet the needs of the most active among you thanks to their proximity to Zurich airport, the rail network that can take you to the four corners of the country and the on-site services such as bicycle rental or car rental services. Ideal for a city-break with a change of scenery!

B&B: as in "Good night"? " Good morning"? " Welcome to Switzerland!"?

At B&B HOTELS, we have the knowledge and the expertise to welcome you in the morning! As soon as you wake up, you'll find our all-you-can-eat sweet and savoury breakfast buffet with fresh, local products to start the day off on the right foot. Our buffet is also available in a custom-made version for the smallest foodies who wouldn't want to lose a crumb!

Tempted by a stay in Switzerland? Create a customised itinerary: the Swiss Alps, picturesque city centers with colorful and stylish roofs and facades, lakes, museums and the typical flora and fauna of the Swiss cantons. And much more.


Don't wait any longer and book now for one of our destinations in Switzerland!