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The historic district of Zurich

Zurich is not only modern, but also has a fantastic history and a diverse historic center. Thus, you should not miss the historical heart of the metropolis during your trip to Zurich. Explore the historic district of Zurich on both sides of the Limmat relaxed on foot. Discover the city's countless landmarks and let yourself be inspired by the fascinating guild houses, imposing churches, winding alleys and history-laden squares during an immersive discovery tour. Find out what top sights in the historic district of Zuric you should definitely visit!


Zurich's old town at a glance


Set against the impressive panorama of medieval house facades and elegant Renaissance architecture, the historic district of Zurich invites you to discover and enjoy a colorful medley. You can easily explore the picturesque old town on your own. For example, not far from Zurich's train station, follow the lively Bahnhofstrasse, which is home not only to the historic Confiserie Sprüngli, but also to a variety of modern stores and stylish, classy boutiques. Stroll along the pretty Augustinergasse, which connects the bustling Bahnhofstrasse and the Gothic Old Town, and enjoy the many colorfully painted bay windows.

Afterwards, visit the oldest parish church in Zurich - the Church of St. Peter. Take a close up look at the huge clock face. Or listen to the tones of the five historic bells during one of the regular church concerts. Actually, did you know that one of these bells is so big that it weighs a whole 6,000 kg?!

Become more familiar with the Grossmünster, Zurich's landmark, and be amazed by the two imposing double towers, its fascinating cloister, or the spectacular bronze doors by Otto Münch and the beautiful stained glass windows by Sigmar Polke. Learn more about the exciting history of the historic building and its role during the Swiss-German Reformation under Heinrich Bullinger and Huldrych Zwingli. Those with a head for heights, meanwhile, can follow the total of 187 steps up to the viewing platform in the Karlsturm and enjoy the breathtaking view over the old town and picturesque Lake Zurich from there. From here, by the way, it is only a stone's throw to the Kunsthaus Zurich or the Zurich Opera House.

Last but not least, during your stay in Switzerland, a visit to the Fraumünster should not be missed. While the impressive building used to be inhabited exclusively by the women of the European aristocracy, the Fraumünster is now a popular crowd puller in Zurich. The high north windows by Augusto Giacometti are wonderful here, as are the fresco cycle by Paul Bodmer or the color windows by Marc Chagall.

Then follow Zurich's popular promenade - the Niederdorf - to the grandiose Bellevue Castle. Stroll along the varied pedestrian zone and browse in the many small stores. Or indulge yourself in the Swiss way in one of the numerous restaurants.

Finally, a visit to the Lindenhof is worthwhile to view the old town and the various landmarks of the city from above. In addition, you can relive a piece of Zurich's history here. If you need a little break after all that sightseeing, you can relax in the beautiful baroque garden right in the city. After all, the gorgeous Rechberg is located right between the Kunsthaus and the university. Or you can visit the Enge lakeside resort not far from the Rietberg Museum to swim in the clear water and soak up the sun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Explore Zurich with a guided tour of the city


Zurich not only fascinates Swiss visitors, but also inspires travelers from all over the world. No matter if you are planning a cultural city trip, a romantic getaway or a spontaneous visit - there is a lot to discover and do in Zurich. Those who want to get to know the charming city on the Limmat more closely can join one of the popular city tours through the old town. Thereby you explore the historic area on foot and get exciting insights into the eventful history of the city. So don't hesitate and listen to the numerous anecdotes or discover the many hidden alleys and landmarks of the city while you make your circles here.

Tip: While adults regularly pay around CHF 25 for the guided city walk, Zurich Card holders benefit from a hefty discount. In addition, the Zurich Visitor Card gives you the opportunity to visit one or two of the city's museums for free, feast on delicious food for less at selected restaurants, and enjoy free rides on buses, trains, streetcars, and boats.


Choose your hotel in Zurich

To experience Zurich's many attractions up close, it helps to book a hotel in Zurich that suits your needs in good time. Start your travels with us and discover not only the old city center but also the surrounding area including the Swiss Alps, the lake and the fantastic Uetliberg, whether at B&B HOTELS in Zurich Center, in the B&B HOTEL  Zurich Airport Rumlang or in the B&B HOTEL Zurich East Wallisellen.

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Last but not least, we offer you the possibility to add a complete breakfast buffet to your reservation. Start your day with a fantastic selection of sweet and savory treats, as well as fresh drinks. Let our knowledgeable hotel staff assist you with bookings, reservations or planning worthwhile activities in Zurich. And spend your days spectacularly in Switzerland!


We are already looking forward to your visit!