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Restaurants in Zurich

If you are planning a stay in Switzerland, not only can you look forward to the picturesque Swiss Alps, a rich culture and fantastic cities, but you can also enjoy excellent food. After all, some of the best restaurants are to be found here! And so a trip to Zurich in particular is a great way to explore the country's culinary delights. Meanwhile, you can find out where to enjoy the best and which restaurant in Zurich is not to be missed during your visit to the city here.



The best restaurants in the city at a glance

Whether classic, hearty, Mediterranean or elegant - in Zurich you will find the right (gastronomic) offer for every taste. However, so that you don't lose track of the multifaceted offer, we have compiled some of the best restaurants for you below. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use this list to feast excellently in Zurich.



1. Elmire Fine Dining 

At Elmira, comfort and enjoyment are writ large. The charming little restaurant on Limmatstrasse has just 26 seats. But anyone who comes to enjoy the excellent dishes will be simply thrilled. There are seven courses and a completely seasonal cuisine with great local ingredients. Thanks to the unique Chefs Table concept, Elmira also successfully combines experiential gastronomy, sustainability and transparency.

2. Restaurant La Soupière 

La Soupière inspires with an elegant atmosphere and first-class French cuisine. But you can also discover various local specialities on the menu here. And so every palate, no matter how discerning, will find what it is looking for here. Let yourself be enchanted by the fantastic menu. Taste your way through the spectacular fish and meat dishes. Feast on fresh and vegetarian dishes. Or try one of the terrific soups when you visit La Soupière in Zurich. Of course, this restaurant also has a first-class dessert list and an extensive wine list.


3. Restaurant Weisses Rössli

Not far from the historic district of Zurich and the famous Rietberg Museum, the Weisses Rössli restaurant invites you to feast and relax. So don't miss out on choosing between the two to five courses or give chef Mathieu Bacon free rein to put together a surprise menu to suit you. Whether vegan ceviche, pickled char, smoked duck breast or one of the tasty Swiss cheeses - no guest will go hungry at the Weissen Rössli!

4. Baur´s Zürich

Baur's in Zurich puts a new spin on classic European dishes. The cosy restaurant lacks neither chic nor class. So it's no wonder that both Zurich gourmets and international connoisseurs are drawn to Talstrasse for lunch or dinner. You too can try the many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Let the fresh ingredients melt in your mouth. And don't miss the opportunity to have sommelier Marc Almert recommend the right wine to go with your choice of menu.

5. Miki und Ikoo

If you feel hungry after a visit to the Kunsthaus Zürich or the Zurich Opera House and would like to eat Asian food, you should visit Miki and Ikoo. While the delicious ramen is produced fresh daily and only regional products are served, the cosy restaurant offers fresh soups, gyoza, tantanmen and much more. So indulge in Japanese cuisine and enjoy a healthy meal before continuing to explore Zurich's multi-faceted old town.



6. Zaatar

Would you like a delicious and inexpensive meal not far from Zurich station and the city's famous shopping mile? Then Zaatar in Brauerstrasse is just the right option. Here you will find excellent Lebanese specialities, a cosy atmosphere and freshly prepared dishes every day. You can eat here for as little as 12 francs per person. And you decide whether you want to eat on the spot or simply take the various delicacies with you to feast at the nearby Lac or in one of the city parks.

7. Krone Altstetten

At the Krone Altstetten restaurant, you can enjoy traditional dishes such as "Gerichte" in the cast iron pot or the fine Zurich Zürcher Kalbsgeschnetzelte in a historic guest room - and at absolutely fair prices. Whether indoors in the Stübli, the wine cellar and the Gaststube or by the ring of fire in the garden and on the cosy terrace, Krone Altstetten awaits you from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., as well as on Saturdays between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Time to book your hotel room


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Furthermore, our friendly service staff will be happy to help you with words and deeds. If, for example, you would like to reserve a table in a restaurant or take a tour of Lake Zurich, we will of course help you. Just get in touch with us!