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  • Porto
  • 22 Jul. 202423 Jul. 2024
    22 Jul.23 Jul.
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Hotels in Porto | B&B HOTELS, 2 hotels

Hotels in Porto

Porto is a city in the north of Portugal, on the banks of the Douro River and facing the vast Atlantic Ocean. Increasingly popular with tourists, Porto wins over everyone who visits it. For its beauty, its daytime activities and night life, its gastronomy and much more, come visit and stay at our hotel at the best price.

What to see in Porto

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, for which it is named, and offers an endless amount of possibilities and different activities for travelers. Some of the most popular sites that are a must-see are:

San Luis Bridge

The San Luis Bridge is the bridge that connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia, bypassing the abundant flow of the Douro River. Its popularity and the spectacular views it offers of the Douro and its riverbeds have made it one of the most frequented tourist sites.

Lello Bookstore 

The Lello Bookstore will amaze you. Located on Rua das Carmelitas 144, near the Torre de los Clérigos, the bookstore is one of the most impressive, beautiful and magical places in the world. It is one of the most popular sites in Porto. In large part because of the famous rumor that it was the bookstore that inspired the author J.K. Rowling to write her Harry Potter saga.

Porto Cathedral

Porto Cathedral is located in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest and most representative buildings. If you decide to go up to the top, the cathedral provides one of the most spectacular views that you will be able to see on this trip. 

'Rua' Santa Catarina

This 'rua' is the most famous commercial street in Porto and one of the most popular shopping areas. It is a long street closed to traffic and home to some of the most popular clothing stores in Portugal. 

You can also find a shopping center and numerous cafes here, where you can rest and enjoy some of its magnificent coffees.

Eat in Porto

After a long day of walking, it’s time for a good lunch or dinner. The options are plentiful, with fish and seafood being the specialties. You won't be able to leave Porto without trying cod. They have a thousand ways to prepare it, each one better than the last.  For those with a sweet tooth, the most typical dessert are natas, a cream pastry similar to the 'pasteis de Belem' that Lisbon is famous for. And of course, every meal in Porto deserves to be accompanied by a good wine. One of the best known is Port wine, probably the most famous sweet wine in the world.

Transportation in Porto 

One of the best things about Porto is that it is a relatively small city, which means you can walk almost anywhere. Although, for any kind of commute, the city has a comprehensive, diverse and modern public transportation system:

Metro: Porto has the longest metro in Portugal and one of the most efficient, which makes it easy to get around the entire city and its surroundings. 

Tram: The tram is the most popular option for travelers visiting this Portuguese city. The available tram lines are only found in the most centric areas.

Cable car: The cable car is a more expensive option, but a very fun and unique experience. The one in Porto connects the two levels of the city.

Buses: Buses are recommended if you want to reach some of the most famous vineyards on the outskirts of Portugal. Apart from this, it is one of the least used means of transport by tourists.

Airplane: If you arrive by plane, the Sá Carneiro International Airport is located about 15 kilometers from the city. It is a large, comfortable airport with connections to a multitude of destinations.

Car: If you decide to go to Porto by car, the city offers several 24-hour parking options at reasonable prices. Getting there is very simple and comfortable, since Porto is easily connected to several highways. 

One of the great advantages of using a car is that you can go on longer trips without depending on schedules. One of the most recommended trips from Porto is Felgueiras, a city known for its robust footwear industry, its gastronomy and 'vinho verde' (green wine). If you decide to visit Felgueiras, you can stay at the B&B HOTEL Felgueiras . A 24-hour hotel, where you can enjoy the best rooms at the best price.

In addition to visiting the historical sites in the city and walking along the river Duero, Porto offers hundreds of places to walk around, wander and discover a friendly and open culture. Don’t hesitate and book an affordable hotel in Porto now with B&B HOTELS.