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  • Santo Tirso
  • 16 Jun. 202417 Jun. 2024
    16 Jun.17 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Santo Tirso | B&B HOTELS, 1 hotel

Santo Tirso is a Portuguese city that is located in the District of Porto, about 30 kilometers from the city center. Specifically, Santo Tirso is already part of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto, which united the former Grande Porto and Entre Douro e Vouga, due to the growth of the Portuguese metropolis. With just over 14,000 inhabitants, it has become a large residential area due to its proximity to the city, its green areas, and also because of its historical richness. We cannot forget its medieval origins and its location next to the Ave River, which makes Santo Tirso even more attractive, a city that combines beauty, nature, history, and proximity to one of the most important cities in the Iberian Peninsula. A whole city to discover where you can enjoy our new B&B HOTEL Santo Tirso.

Connected to the north of Portugal

What is most striking about Santo Tirso is that it meets all the conditions to be a great tourist attraction, especially for lovers of history and architecture. But, not only that, but also the tranquility of being a small city, of being next to a river, and of having large green areas have made it a great residential place in the north of Portugal. So, if you have to travel for work, or to escape and get to know the Portuguese countryside, the B&B HOTEL Santo Tirso is one of the best options for its great connection with Porto, as it takes less than half an hour by car and about 40 minutes by public transport to the city center.

What to know about Santo Tirso?

As already mentioned, Santo Tirso has its origin in the Middle Ages and that can be seen in its streets and buildings. But, in addition to these important monuments, the city has been characterized by its commitment to contemporary outdoor art and the proof of this is that there are more than 50 works of art by contemporary artists scattered throughout the city.

As for the most historic, the monastery of Santo Tirso established in 978 is its great attraction. But, if you are looking for a little more nature and green areas, the Rabada Urban Park is quite an experience. Next to the Ave River, it is an ideal place to walk, play sports, spend a day, and rest.

If you want something from the sea on our trip, we’ve also got good news. Because from Santo Tirso to Leça da Palmeira beach, a town on the Atlantic coast, it takes only 26 minutes taking the A3.

Gastronomy to enjoy

The gastronomy of Santo Tirso is the typical cuisine of northern Portugal, where veal and fish from the Atlantic coast predominate. The Posta a Mirandesa stands out, which is a grilled veal steak accompanied with potatoes. But, we can also eat the typical francesinhas, the pork ribs or its famous Cabidela Rice, one of the most typical and oldest dishes that you can't miss if you travel here.

Where to stay?

In the new B&B HOTEL Santo Tirso, you can find all the necessary amenities to enjoy a few days in Portugal. You will find air conditioning in the rooms, restaurant service, parking and free parking, bar, WiFi, and an unbeatable location located less than half an hour's drive from Porto airport. In addition, from the hotel you can visit the main points of the city such as the municipal museum or the historic center.