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  • Vila do Conde
  • 19 Jul. 202420 Jul. 2024
    19 Jul.20 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Vila do Conde | B&B HOTELS, 1 hotel


Vila do Conde is one of the most charming towns in northern Portugal, ideal for a weekend getaway or a holiday in the north of the country.

Why visit Vila do Conde?

Vila do Conde is a small coastal town by the mouth of the River Ave. Located 30 kilometres north of Porto, its pretty historic centre and attractive beaches are well worth a getaway.

With around 30,000 inhabitants, Vila do Conde is a holiday and weekend retreat for many locals and also for travellers who want to explore the north of Portugal to enjoy its towns and villages.

The best places to visit in Vila do conde

The Port and its importance in the Age of Discoveries

Its port was very important at the time of the Portuguese Discoveries, proof of which is the reproduction of one of the ships "Nau Quinhentista" from the 16th century that can be visited. In this small ship-museum you'll see the crew's cabins and some of the navigational instruments, which will give you an idea of what life was like on board.

Aqueduct, the second largest in Portugal

Another of the monuments that you cannot miss and that you will see (we assure you it will not go unnoticed) as soon as you arrive in Vila do Conde, is its 17th century aqueduct. Declared a National Monument, it is the second largest in Portugal. If you want to see it properly, we recommend you go up to the Convent of Santa Clara, the views are worth it.

Santa Clara Convent

Although the Convent cannot be visited, as it is being refurbished to build a 5-star hotel, you can go inside to see the church. You also have a beautiful view of the city over the river from here.

São João Baptista Fortress

Another building worth visiting in Vila do Conde is the Fort of São João Baptista, one of the most emblematic in the city. A walk around it will be a real journey back in time. Moreover, from there, the views of the Atlantic are incredible.

D. João II Square

Cross the wooden bridge in the direction of Póvoa de Varzim and you will come to this square of black and white cobblestones, with a metal structure representing a sundial. This square, restored in 2001, shows some landmarks of the Portuguese discoveries and is named after the king who ordered the construction of the Customs building. This building, very close to the square, has become a very interesting museum on the maritime history of the city.

Don't miss the beaches of Vila do Conde

Another reason why many tourists visit Vila do Conde are its beaches. The beaches of Forno, Nossa Senhora de Guia or Praia Azul are just a few examples of wide white sandy beaches, ideal for children. Be careful, the Atlantic water is very cold.

Shopping in Vila do Conde

If you've already toured the city, visited its beaches and monuments and still have time before returning home, here's another option: shopping. If shopping is your thing, a 15-minute drive from Vila do Conde is the Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet shopping centre, a huge shopping centre open every day of the year (Sundays included).

What to eat in Vila do Conde

If there is one thing that characterises Portuguese gastronomy, it is cod. The possibilities for preparing it are endless, so you're sure to find the version you like best. And don't leave without trying the "petingas a moda das caxinas", a sardine stew with potatoes, and "Doces de Ovos", a cream made with egg yolk and syrup.

Where to stay in Vila do Conde

Our new B&B HOTEL Vila do Conde has all the comforts and conveniences for you to enjoy a few days in the city. Our team will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. 

Our rooms are very spacious and all of them have centralised air conditioning, full bathroom with hairdryer and TV. 

In addition, we have renewed our breakfasts and you will love them.

You will have free high speed wifi throughout the hotel and parking. 

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B&B HOTEL Vila do Conde offers you the best value for money and a great service in a friendly atmosphere. 

Check the availability of our rooms and make your reservation directly on our website. Remember, this way you will always get the best price. 

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