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  • Valencia Hotel B&B
  • 17/07/2019 - 18/07/2019
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Your Valencia hotel: the sunny city on the Mediterranean

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Spain’s third-largest city has something for everyone: for the history buffs, there is an incredible array of museums and historical sites at your fingertips. Holidaymakers looking for some fun in the sun will have their hands full visiting the golden sand beaches, the delicious restaurants and the vibrant nightlife. Be careful when you book your Valencia hotel: you won’t want to leave!

Always more to discover in Valencia

Valencia enjoyed a golden age in the 15th and 16th centuries, which has resulted in its current abundance of striking Gothic architecture. In the city’s cathedral, examine the chalice held in the cathedral purporting to be none other than the Holy Grail. Other impressive attractions include La Lonja, a 15th-century marketplace adorned with gargoyles and twisting columns, and the Modernista Central Market, one of the oldest markets still in use in Europe, where you can see local specialties on sale.

If modern architecture is more your thing, head from your hotel in Valencia to the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic, sprawling campus designed by local architect Santiago Calatrava. Its buildings, resembling crustaceans, combs or alien spaceships, include the Science Museum, Planetarium, Palace of the Arts and the Oceanographic Park.

Your hotel in Valencia: city of museums

In addition to its history and architecture, Valencia boasts numerous leading museums. Come and take in the region’s culture while escaping the heat! The Museo de Bellas Artes, one of Spain’s premier art galleries, features works by Spanish greats including Goya and Velázquez, while also showcasing local Valencian talent. The National Ceramics Museum, hosted inside an exquisite palace, is an extravaganza of ceramic pieces from throughout the ages.

Beaches and nightlife at the door of your Valencia accommodation

If you book your hotel in Valencia in mid-March or July, you’ll be here for the city’s biggest festivals. Las Fallas, in March, is a frenzied celebration in which the streets come alive with music, bonfires and fireworks. Meanwhile, the Feria de Julio is a month-long festival held in July that features theatre, parades, concerts and even bull runs. Outside of these times, you can always enjoy the cuisine in the home of paella or experience the nightlife, which is active year-round.

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia is also an ideal destination for holidaymakers seeking some sun. Head out from your hotel near Valencia to the Playa las Arenas, a golden sand beach with a pleasant promenade and gusts of wind that cool off beachgoers (somewhat) and make the beach a destination for windsurfers.

Valencia is a great place to discover the past or enjoy the present. Book your hotel in Valencia today with B&B hotels and come enjoy this sun-drenched Mediterranean paradise!