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  • Mainz
  • 24 Jun. 202425 Jun. 2024
    24 Jun.25 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Mainz, 2 hotels

Mainz is known as a city of singing and laughing!

Stay at our affordable B&B Hotel in Mainz and get to know this cheerful and historic city a little better. Mainz has much to offer. Home to the Südwestrundfunk broadcast network and Germany’s second TV channel, the city is a real media hub as well as a Carnival stronghold, hosting one of the three biggest carnival processions in Germany. Its Roman origins are also evident throughout the city. Visit Mainz - it’s well worthwhile!

Overnight stays in Mainz: Romantic, Gothic, and Renaissance

All these contemporary cultures can be found in Mainz. The city in Rhineland-Palatinate is closely connected with Wiesbaden and thus forms one of the largest cities in the state. Mainz has existed for 1000 years, as evidenced by Mainz Cathedral which probably started its construction in 975 AD. For lovers of fountains, busts, monuments, historical squares, and works of art, Kiel is an excellent destination.

Mainz has a whole range of attractions spread across the city. The market fountain, for example, has stood here since 1526. Mainz, as the center of the Palatinate, testifies to the balancing act between past and modernity. Starting from our absolutely centrally-located B&B HOTEL Mainz Central Station, you can reach this landmark on foot When you arrive by car, we will be happy to check the availability of one of our free parking options on site. Of course, you can contact one of our staff in person, or by telephone before your arrival. At the B&B HOTEL at Mainz Central Station, we have our reception open 24/7.

Mainz as a driving center: Shopping, sightseeing, and good food

For a simpler overview, Main can be divided into several districts: Mainz Old Town, Mainz-Neustadt, Mainz-Upper Town and Mainz-Hartenberg-Münchfeld. It is not without reason that we list these districts here; different charms can be found depending on the district. The excellent city center, as well as the old town, invites you to stroll and linger, while the city has six different shopping areas with many restaurants, bars, cafés and bistros.

Starting with Schillerplatz, Ludwigstraße and Gaustraße - particularly impressive due to certain specialist shops, delicious culinary diversity, and nice cafés. The old town offers over 100 interesting shops nestled between the city's landmarks. There are also popular wine bars and great pubs to sit in, eat and drink. You can experience the Mainz weekly market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays near Korbgasse — shopping around the market is excellent, as it is absolutely centrally located.

Our recommendations: Other shopping and nightlife spots in Mainz:

  • Am Brand
  • The City Mile (pedestrian zone)
  • Central Station & Bleichenviertel
  • Shopping facilities in Mainz's Neustadt

Our B&B HOTEL Mainz-Hechtsheim, which is located just outside, is also wonderfully suited for a stay in Mainz. Due to its close connection to the motorway and important parts of the city, it is a popular location, especially for frequent travelers and business people - offering access to all major districts through well-developed transport routes.

Experience the diversity of Mainz: From going out to relaxing in nature

Start your trip to Mainz with a look at our B&B HOTELS in Mainz. From here, depending on your preferences, you will either find yourself in the vibrant nightlife or have the opportunity to participate in interesting national and international events on different days.

Mainz also has a unique natural environment, for all those who would like to escape the city for a short time. Mainz's green belt can be found southwest of the city park, and the foreshore is great to relax in some places. A walk around Mainz's popular wineries makes for a great hike on a beautiful summer or autumn day. By the way, the largest wine-growing region in Germany is located a little southwest of the city.

B&B Hotels in Mainz

Our accommodations in Mainz have the following modern room categories: Single rooms, double rooms for one or two people, twin and triple rooms, and family rooms for up to three adults. You can also get our B&B service in Mainz hotels. Here, too, you can enjoy free WiFi including Sky TV programs. All rooms are equipped with soundproofed windows, a desk, wardrobe and flat-screen TV. All bathrooms include a shower, toilet, hairdryer and washbasin. In addition, all B&B hotels are pet-friendly.

B&B breakfast

Try our popular and rich B&B breakfast buffet. For just €8.50 (per adult/night and €3 for children aged up to 12), the breakfast is excellent value. Snacks and drinks are available around the clock from the vending machines in the hotel lobby.

Parking at the B&B Hotels Mainz

Depending on availability, we offer guests the opportunity to park in our private parking spaces free of charge and conveniently.

Points of interest in Mainz