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  • São José dos Campos
  • 21 Feb. 202422 Feb. 2024
    21 Feb.22 Feb.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel em São José dos Campos, 1 hotel

Knowing more about São José dos Campos

Between Rio and São Paulo, São José dos Campos is the protagonist of the Paraíba Valley. Strategically interconnected by Rodovia Dutra and with a new airport, the city is a major industrial and technological hub. The city also has a great cultural and ecological diversity and serves as a link to the most famous destinations on the coast and in the mountain region. São José dos Campos has the practicality and mobility you need and the B&B has everything essential to receive you, in comfort and at the best price.

The landmarks of São José dos Campos

The city has important points, including ITA (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica), Embraer, Hospital São José and Centervale Shopping.

Want to take a walk and breathe fresh air?

Roberto Burle Marx Municipal Park, known as Parque da Cidade, has an extensive green area and other natural resources, perfect for those who love walking and having direct contact with nature. The place has a walking trail and places for events, such as music shows, theater, interaction and dance.

In addition to the Parque da Cidade, there is also the Santos Dumont Park, which has almost 50 thousand square meters, and is one of the main leisure spaces in the city, attracting thousands of people, who will get to know all the park's resources, such as spaces for exercising and running, kiosks, skate park and playground. The place stands out for contemplative leisure, especially for those who enjoy contact with nature and animals. There's even a fish breeding pond here! You can see everything up close. In addition, the park houses aeronautical specimens, such as a replica of the 14 Bis plane.

Tour for all tastes and audiences (even!)

The city of São José dos Campos offers tours and destinations that cater to different audiences and ages: children, youth, adults and the elderly have a great experience here!

The Thermas do Vale water park is one of the spaces worth mentioning: it has 13 pools, including one of the largest wave pools in Brazil, with 2,500 cubic meters of water and waves up to one meter high (perfect for children !). Still in the aerial areas of the pools, the space has water slides, with a free fall of 23 meters, a swimming pool designed and ideal for small children and the famous Rio Lento, with 200 meters in length, in addition to having biribol courts, courts sports, spaces for leisure and interaction and even a soccer field.

The city also has a destination for those who are more attached to the faith and consider themselves more religious: Espírito Santo Parish, known for gathering groups for prayers and other charitable activities, such as works and social actions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that the city also has the MAB - Brazilian Aerospace Memorial, a fun and interactive tour that shows models of nationally produced aircraft, replicas of rockets, airplanes and missiles for use by the Armed Forces. The Memorial collection is distributed in several environments: Teaching, Aeronautics, Defense, Space and Associated Research.

B&B em São José dos Campos

It can be said that the history of B&B Hotel in Brazil started in the city! That's right, the first B&B Hotel unit in Brazil was opened in São José dos Campos, in November 2017. A few years later, and many guests attended and satisfied! The unit currently has 108 apartments and is located on the main road junction in the city, ensuring practicality and flexibility, in addition to a privileged location and close to the main points of the city. 

What the hotel offers to guests

B&B Hotels São José dos Campos is the best option for those seeking comfort, practicality and a modern environment, aligned with the best price. With powerful Wi-Fi, guests can work in the hotel's co-working area and even get together. The hotel is pet friendly, allowing you to travel with your buddy! For your comfort and convenience, we offer parking service and also the use of a Bike Food, containing cheap and tasty snacks and drinks, for that quick snack when hunger strikes. The reception is located in front of Bike Food, so the staff can help you with anything you need!