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  • Palermo
  • 23 Jun. 202424 Jun. 2024
    23 Jun.24 Jun.
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B&B Hotels a Palermo, 1 hotel

Discover Palermo

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: splendour and decadence coexist in a fascinating balance.
A chaotic, frenetic, but so interesting as to attract every year waves of tourists from all over the world, especially thanks to its immense historical heritage. Many of the oldest buildings date back to the period when Sicily was part of the Norman Kingdom, but there are also Arab, Byzantine or Spanish influences.
In addition to its history, it is its geographical position that makes it unique: Palermo is located in a scenic area (the famous Conca d'Oro), surrounded by a semicircle of mountains and hills and enriched by the call of the sea and the mild climate, typical of the Mediterranean area.

Where to book in Palermo

Are you looking for a hotel in the center of Palermo? The B&B Hotel Palermo, is located in the city center, in the district Zisa. It is perfect for staying at a great value for money.
The structure is only 40 minutes by car from the airport of Punta Raisi and with a walk of only 15 minutes you can reach the Central Station.

History and curiosities

The origins of Palermo are very ancient and cannot be postponed to a specific date. What is certain is that the city was the object of the desire of different peoples throughout history, who fought for it and made it a reason for war; those who managed to conquer and govern it were the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spaniards and, finally, the Bourbons of Naples. It is precisely the historical richness due to the cultural, architectural and artistic influences derived from the various occupations that, to date, makes Palermo one of the most fascinating cities in our country, if not one of the most popular tourist destinations, even among foreign tourists.
The Sicilian capital is not only famous for its cultural heritage, the landscape is the greatest rival: the alternation of sea and mountains make the city an ideal destination for all.
In addition, you can not fail to refer to the rich culinary experience that offers this city: there are always events dedicated to the flavors of Sicily and festivals of typical products of the place, including the inevitable arancini, cannoli, brioche stuffed with granita and cassata.
A city to be enjoyed!

For your walks

To enjoy to the fullest everything that offers the city of Palermo, there is no better way than a nice walk.
You should not limit yourself to the seafront, or to the beaches with golden sand, certainly much appreciated, the peculiarity of this city are precisely the beauties hidden among the small streets of the old town, or the different paths surrounded by greenery that allow you to enjoy an alternative afternoon. Not only sea in short!

Monuments and places of interest

Among the monuments that undoubtedly deserve to be visited, there is no shortage of them: the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, of Swabian-Angevin imprint and dating back to 1200; the Church of the Magione, one of the best examples of Arab-Norman art; the Church of the Martorana, a mix of Norman and Baroque style (a Catholic Byzantine rite is practiced, attending a mass is a unique experience); the Church of San Cataldo, characterized by three red domes, in Romanesque style; the Norman Palace, where you must enter to see the Palatine Chapel, a perfect encounter between the Latin and Byzantine styles; the Teatro Massimo, famous for its large size (it can accommodate almost 1500 spectators) and purely neoclassical style; the Cathedral, also called "the book of the history of Palermo", also with a style that keeps track of all the dominations suffered over the centuries; Piazza Pretoria and its Fountain, characterized by statues of monsters, gods and animals; and last but not least, the Palazzo della Zisa, one of the best examples of Arab-Norman architecture, hosting the Museum of Islamic Art and nominated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.


Palermo is a city to live all year round, among the most relevant events we suggest: the Feast of Santa Rosalia, one of the most important and famous festivals in Sicily, a holy procession that has a wagon as its centerpiece, the Festival of Vegetables, do not be fooled by the name, it is an event entirely dedicated to music (classical, rock, pop, dance, etc.) in the beautiful and beautiful Teatro Massimo, the Pilgrimage to Monte Pellegrino, the Feast of the Gifts of the Dead, during which are donated sweets and toys to children, and finally the Opera Season at the Teatro Massimo.