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  • Łódź
  • 17 May 202418 May 2024
    17 May18 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Łódź, 1 hotel

Get to know Łódź

Łódź is a city situated at the meeting point of four cultures, which intertwine harmoniously, creating an architectural and cultural gem. The aficionados of spectacular murals, old factories, large industrial machines and post-industrial buildings will fall in love with this city. And also, everyone who is passionate about our cinematography, because Łódź is where the most important Polish films were made. In 2019, Łódź was ranked second on the world in Lonely Planet’s ranking as one of the best value destinations to visit.

A city of many cultures, industry and cinematography

Those looking for historical traces will feel wonderful here! Despite its relatively young, industrial history, there are more than 350 monuments in the city alone. While in Łódź, you must see one of the most famous streets in Poland, Piotrkowska. There is an amazing Geyer’s White Factory (today it is the Central Museum of Textiles), which is counted among the seven new wonders of Poland!

In 2015, the landscape of Łódź was included on the list of “the Monuments of History” as a “multicultural landscape of an industrial city”. Lovers of post-industrial buildings will be delighted to see the urban layout of the Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), S. Moniuszki Street and Piotrkowska Street, the post-industrial complexes of the Poznański and Scheibler families, the extraordinary Neo-Baroque Izrael Poznański Palace (known as “the Louvre of Łódź”, now the Museum of the City of Łódź), its former monumental textile mill and other post-industrial buildings (today the Manufaktura Centre). It is an industrial paradise!

Every year an extraordinary event takes place in Łódź: Light Move Festival, during which you can admire moving images in 3D technique on the walls of historic tenement houses, showing, among others, the history of the city. This is a real feast for the eyes!

Comfortable accommodation in Łódź

Make sure you are close to the centre of events in Łódź. The B&B Łódź Centrum Hotel is located at al. Tadeusza Kościuszki 16, in the close vicinity of Piotrkowska Street. It is perfectly communicated, located close to the restaurant and bar area and the Manufaktura, a shopping, service and entertainment centre. It is an ideal location for tourists and businesspeople alike.

Worth seeing

Piotrkowska Street

The real centre of the city. The representative promenade is home to numerous bars, restaurants and beautiful tenement houses built by Łódź magnates.

Archcathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus Kostka

A beautiful neo-Gothic temple, inspired by the famous Lutheran cathedral in Ulm.

New Town from the 1820s

It has a centrally located, octagonal Plac Wolności and the streets surrounding it from four sides.

The Poznański Palace “the Louvre of Łódź”,

An exceptional neo-Baroque palace, today the seat of the Museum of the City of Łódź.

Księży Młyn

“Priest's Mill”. This wonderful factory and residential complex seem to have been transported from 19th century England. It was one of the largest cotton spinning mills in Europe. Today, it houses the Łódź Art Center and the Art Factory.

It is also interesting outside the city!

The Łódź Voivodeship is an unobvious area, still undiscovered by tourists. And yet, you can spend fantastic time there in nature reserves and landscape parks or visiting numerous castles, palaces and towns. Spała Landscape Park and Załęczański Landscape Park are real oases, ideal spaces for those looking for silence and rest. Closer to Łódź, you should certainly see the Open-Air Museum of Locomotives and Technical Devices in Karsznice or go to the picturesque Sulejowski Reservoir.