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  • Cologne
  • 13 Jun. 202414 Jun. 2024
    13 Jun.14 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Cologne, 7 hotels

Carnival, media and plenty of history

Enjoy a holiday at one of the Hotels in Cologne A visit to this city must include a visit to the Roman Catholic Cathedral. With a history of more than 2,000 years, there is plenty here to see. From imposing buildings such as the town hall, the remains of the old city walls and the preserved town gate, to a multitude of churches, there is something to explore in every corner of this fascinating city! The nearby city of Düsseldorf can be easily reached by car and public transport in less than an hour. In the city center, many centrally located museums invite you to visit, such as the Roman-Germanic Museum or, for art lovers, the Museum Ludwig.

B&B HOTELS in Cologne

Our accommodations in Cologne have the following modern room categories: Rooms with French bed for one or two people, double and triple rooms, as well as family rooms or barrier-free rooms. Our guests benefit from the free use of our WiFi or Sky TV. In addition, all our hotels are pet-friendly. Due to the central location of our hotels, a walk through the streets of the historic old town of Cologne is certainly possible. Try our popular B&B HOTELS breakfast buffet. Snacks and drinks are available day and night from vending machines in the lobby. Depending on availability, we offer our guests the use of paid parking spaces in our hotels.

Overnight stays in Cologne – experience the city on the Rhine

Cologne is a breathtaking city with a lot to explore and experience. It's the fourth largest city in Germany, which means it has a lot of culture and history to offer. The Cologne region was first settled by the Romans, who settled there in 38 BC. founded a colony. They called this settlement Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (Roman Catholic), but we know it as Cologne! In Cologne you can find all kinds of food from around the world, including Cajun cuisine from Louisiana, Chinese food or Thai food. You can also enjoy a good German beer in the numerous pubs in Cologne! Our B&B HOTEL Köln-Messe is not far from the city center. Our rooms are pet-friendly and air-conditioned, while we are at your disposal 24/7 at the reception. The central location of this hotel location is ideal for exploring the city.

City trip in Cologne - cultural center of the region

Outside the bustling center is the district of Ehrenfeld, known for its lively days and nights. Many small boutiques and local delicacies invite visitors to Venloer Straße, the main artery of the district of Cologne, so to speak. The multicultural part of the city is the easiest to reach from our B&B HOTEL Köln Ehrenfeld. From here there are excellent connections to all parts of Cologne.

District Lindenthal - the nature of Cologne

There are two practical places to stay near the Lindenthal: Our B&B HOTEL Köln Frechen and the B&B HOTEL Köln West, where you can stay overnight (both hotels are pet-friendly). Both accommodation options are in the western parts of Cologne between the districts of Frechen and Junkersdorf. From here there are further connection options to the beautifully maintained Lindenthal, which has many parks. The district invites you to walk and stroll and shows itself as a district where people of all ages and cultures come together. By the way, The city of Düsseldorf is just 30 minutes by train from Cologne city centre. City trip travelers have the opportunity to experience a small day trip to the well-known Düsseldorf fashion and art city.

A metropolis of culture and arts

The landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most impressive church buildings in the world. With a height of 160 meters, Cologne Cathedral is the third tallest church in the world. The architectural style is Gothic and hardly any of the guests know the official name of the cathedral: Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus. And that's not all, there are another 12 Romanesque church buildings within Cologne. Through winding streets and small alleys you will find yourself in the enchanting old town of Cologne. Here you can stroll comfortably, look at the historic buildings or let the city work its magic on you. Those who move on will find the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne. This bridge of love has been transformed into a work of art by tourist visitors over many years. Locks, which are attached to the bridge as a symbol of eternal love, are intended to immortalize the time spent together in Cologne. The Cologne mentality can be seen in many places in the bars and restaurants and on the streets. The mentality of the people of Cologne is inviting and full of life. Our B&B Hotel Köln-Airport offers you the opportunity to prepare your trip to Cologne in the best possible way thanks to its proximity to the city centre. We look forward to welcoming you as our guests.

Typical Cologne - you have to experience that

From culture to party, Cologne gives its guests everything a modern metropolis has to offer. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely try the Cologne beer, which is colloquially referred to as "Kölsch". With more than 13,000 pedestrians per hour, the shopping streets in the city center are real hotspots of modern life. The Schildergasse forms the largest shopping mile, including many global brands and luxury boutiques, but local trendy shops can also be found on the streets of Cologne. The most popular shopping streets in Cologne, starting at Schildergasse, are: High Street; Ehrenstrasse; Breitestrasse; Mittelstrasse; Neumarkt – all of these shopping miles are right in the city center. However, if you want something quieter and more relaxed, you will find a perfectly located accommodation in our B&B HOTEL Köln Troisdorf, close to the airport.

Sights in Cologne