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  • Hamburg
  • 22 Jun. 202423 Jun. 2024
    22 Jun.23 Jun.
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Hamburg, 6 hotels

The beauty of the North

Stay in one of our affordable B&B Hotels in Hamburg and discover Germany’s second-biggest city. Set on the Elbe and Alster rivers, the Hanseatic city exudes a special charm. Discover the highlights of the city: the Speicherstadt warehouse district, the fish market and the Reeperbahn neighbourhood. Alternatively, explore the numerous museums, theatres and musicals. Hamburg has lots to offer – see for yourself!

Discover Hamburg - the most impressive port city in Europe

Welcome to the most famous northern German port city. Up-and-coming Hamburg is not only known for its name as the largest German seaport. The city is a flexible, authentic and internationally visited metropolis. Between the world famous miles: The Reeperbahn and the 1.85 million inhabitants, Hamburg is embedded in culture and leisure activities. Our hotels in Hamburg offer you a perfect insight into the harbour city, and at the same time show you the proximity to the Elbe and Alster. The second largest city in Germany is divided into over 100 modern districts - for this very reason you will find up to five B&B hotels within Hamburg, depending on your preferences. We cordially invite you as our guests to explore the Hanseatic city with us.

Spend the night in Hamburg – Maritime ambience & UNESCO World Heritage

Bricks, water channels, overpasses and bridges - the warehouse complex, which was built in the immediate vicinity of the Hamburg harbor and Landungsbrücken from the late 19th century , it encompasses such a large area that it can actually be described as a warehouse city. Precisely because the Speicherstadt is so impressive, it has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 2015.

The evening light of this area and stunning architecture clearly show why UNESCO considers this city worthy of preservation. The ratings of visitors to these huge backdrops speak for themselves - but you have to experience a maritime world heritage site with all its jetties directly at the port.

Hamburg architecture - over 1200 masterpieces

Whether you are on a weekend trip, long-term visitor or business traveler, you will find many impressive buildings, jetties and unusual architecture in Hamburg right at your feet from our hotel in Hamburg. People come together for guided tours in the most diverse corners, explore and discover the parts of the city. This architecture is unique and is one of the most valuable human achievements in the world.

A visit to Hamburg is therefore a journey to a unique modern cosmopolitan city. It doesn't matter whether you are aiming for a city tour or planning your business stay - if you are looking for a hotel in Hamburg, we at B&B Hotels can offer you various location options. Take a look at our rating and convince yourself of our top price-performance ratio. Our B&B Hotel Hamburg-Nordis located near the Hamburg Planetarium, which is about 10 minutes by taxi (always available) or by train from the heart of HafenCity. In all our B&B hotels, our guests receive free access to high-speed Internet and Sky TV.

Hamburg main station is just five minutes away from our hotel. The location is perfect for a city trip in Hamburg as well as for business travelers and is of course also suitable as a practical family room. Perfect for arriving back at our hotel in the evening in a comfortable rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

City breaks – port city up close

The alluring districts of Hamburg offer a variety of entertainment and leisure opportunities. The International Maritime Museum, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (directly at the port), the Automuseum and many other sights are located near Hamburg's old town. The history of Hamburg begins right here. St. Georg is also a cultural and up-and-coming district in Hamburg, which offers a range of shopping and restaurant strips due to its diversity and diversity. Among other things, it is affectionately referred to as the most colorful and richly colored district in Hamburg. St. Georg's main artery is the "Lange Reihe" street, on which there are rows of cafés with seating and dining options. Our B&B Hotel Hamburg City Ost accommodates you in the midst of this backdrop of HafenCity.

From there you can walk towards the harbour city, see the Hamburger Kunsthalle or just stroll along the Elbe and the branched alleys. In our hotel room you get free access to high-speed Wi-Fi, including Sky TV, and our reception is open 24 hours a day. Information on various city tours is available from our hotel or from other tourist information points. The rating of individual sights can be found on the corresponding websites.

The Reeperbahn is an international meeting point, a well-known nightlife street with countless bars, discotheques, restaurants, theaters and nightclubs that attracts guests from all over the world. The Hamburger Kiez attracts many visitors and tourists, especially at the beginning of twilight, and has an incomparably lively flair. The Reeperbahn wakes up at night with glowing lettering, a very unique lifestyle and is the most famous nightlife district in Germany. The road is currently over 900 meters long. The entire neighborhood extends to the districts "Hans-Albers-Platz" and the side street "Große Freiheit" that branches off. This modern entertainment district is located in the St. Pauli district (Hamburg-Altona). For two years from 1960, the Beatles played in the Star Club, one of the most popular places in this part of the city at the time.

Hotel in Hamburg Altona

Our Hotel Hamburg Altona is not far from the Altonaer Volkspark, the Elbe and the district of St. Pauli. From here you have all the connection options to start your tour in Hamburg (the distance from Hamburg main station is 5 km). Taxi stations and S-Bahn stops are in the immediate vicinity of our B&B Hotel Hamburg Altona.

Hotel in Hamburg Harburg

Our B&B Hotel Hamburg-Harburg is located near the Hamburg Archaeological Museum. Suitable for business travelers, city travelers and families including family rooms (subject to availability). Not far away, adventure seekers have the rare opportunity to go water skiing & wakeboarding on the Neuländer See in Hamburg. From here you are about 8 minutes by taxi from the center of Hamburg and a few minutes from the Schweenssand and Heuckenlock nature reserves, both of which are located on the southern Elbe. Are you looking for a hotel room in Hamburg for a specific travel period? Whether city travelers, business travelers or families, we would be happy to welcome you to Hamburg and look forward to your rating!

Hotel in Hamburg Wandsbek

Not far from our B&B Hotel Hamburg-Wandsbek is the Alsterwiese Schwanenwik, a public park right on the waterfront that invites guests to take a leisurely stroll - with the flair of modern Hamburg. Further information about the sights in Hamburg can be found below.

Activities and leisure time offers in Hamburg

Away from the pulsating heart of the neighborhood in St. Pauli, Hamburg has an inexhaustible range of nightlife, culture and entertainment options and is therefore a perfect destination for city breaks and adventure trips. The variety of canals and bridges alone, which is larger than both Amsterdam and Venice combined, includes 2300 unique bridges (in Hamburg alone). No matter when you travel to Hamburg, the city impresses on summer days as well as in winter under the snow cover.

The Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district as the main attractions in the harbour city show the history of Hamburg and the influence of Hamburg (currently) as one of the largest transshipment ports in the world.

Typical Hamburg - try the most popular dishes in Hamburg

The Hamburg culture is also reflected in its special local cuisine and so culinary delicacies of all kinds have settled in Hamburg. Typically Hamburg means: Beans, pears and bacon, pan-fried fish including eel soup or the classic hamburger fish roll. The city offers a wealth of restaurants and those looking for a cozy evening in a restaurant will certainly find what they are looking for in Hamburg. Hamburg's typical dining options can also be found directly at the port. The Schanzenviertel, near the Sternschanzenpark, also forms the center of a popular district of Hamburg for shopping fans and restaurant lovers thanks to various branch streets. Various cozy cafés, a relaxed atmosphere, special boutiques and shops as well as restaurants and the grills on the Elbe beach invite you to linger.

Sights in Hamburg