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  • Monza
  • 27 May 202428 May 2024
    27 May28 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Monza, 2 hotels

Exploring Monza

A city to be experienced at full-throttle! Monza is known for being the city of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, on account of the Monza Racing Circuit which has helped to make it famous. But there’s more! Monza is also a city that offers some unique attractions for art lovers and it is strategically located for anyone wanting to visit Milan or the nearby lakes. Take in the atmosphere of Medieval Monza, enjoy a stroll in the Monza Park or head for Milan, which is just a few kilometres away.

Where to book in Monza

If you’re looking for an inexpensive hotel in Monza and one that has good transport links with Milan, then the B&B Hotel Milano Monza is the one for you. The B&B Hotel Milano Monza is the perfect solution for those wishing to stay in Monza, close to Milan and just 20 km from Linate Airport. The B&B Hotel Milano Monza’s strategic location means that the centre of Monza and the city of Milan are both within easy reach. In your spare time it is also possible to reach the Villa Reale (Royal Villa) or the Monza Racing Circuit in just a few minutes.

Just a few minutes from Monza, B&B HOTELS offers you another solution for staying in the Brianza province: the B&B HOTELS Hotel Prestige Ornago. Our 4-star hotel features a 24-hour reception and is strategically located not only for visiting Monza but also for getting around to Milan and Bergamo. The Orio al Serio Airport is just 25 minutes away from the property.

History and urbanism

Monza has a great history behind it. Look for the Tower of Theodolinda, right in the centre of Monza, and discover the city’s two different coats of arms displayed here. You’ll discover many of the city’s symbols such as the Iron Crown and Berengario’s Cross, precious objects preserved in Monza's Cathedral. Why is the Iron crown so famous? Tradition has it that it was forged from the iron of one of the nails used for crucifying Jesus. This is the reason it was used for centuries for the coronation of the Kings of Italy, including Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa and also Napoleon!


Monza may be the city of cars, but here nature also gets the green light! The Monza Park is one of Europe’s largest and is crammed with activities and attractions! You can hire a bicycle and ride from the wood to the racing circuit, or take a carriage to the villas and farmhouses along the Lambro River or follow the path of the ‘Green Giants’: the big, centuries-old trees that have become veritable monuments. If, on the other hand, you are passionate about bird-watching, then pay a visit to the Oasi di Cesano Maderno: 100 hectares of woods and moorland with galleries and hides from where to observe the red heron.


Do you want to explore Monza’s most valuable treasures? Walk into the Cathedral and visit the Museum and Treasure of Monza’s Cathedral which contains two of Monza’s symbols. Walk through the city’s medieval quarter, site of the Church of Santa Maria in Strada, and then visit Piazza Roma with the Arengario building. And before returning to the hotel, why not head for the greenery of the Monza Park to visit the Villa Reale (Royal Villa), which has the same architectural features of the Royal Palace in Caserta.


All year round the Royal Villa and the Park act as the perfect venues for major events, exhibitions and initiatives. In June the city celebrates two patrons: on 6 June the statue of Saint Gerard is placed in the Lambro River, close to the St Gerardino Bridge, to recall the Saint’s miracle, and then 24 June is the feast day of Saint John the Baptist, with the historical procession in medieval costume. September is the time for cars, with the Italian F1 Grand Prix where at the starting grid the drivers prepare to engage in the year's fastest challenge!